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Superiron for superobjects

5-6 (2010)
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Corrugated iron structures manufactured by industrial holding «Gidromontazh» will take a worthy place in building of sports objects for the Olympic Games-2014.

Continuing a theme of innovations in building of transport constructions for winter Olympic games in Sochi, industrial holding «Gidromontazh» represents new production — the corrugated structures made of steel sheet with a deep corrugation. The steel galvanized constructions for bridges and road pipe culverts from the corrupted (wavy) sheets became rather popular in road building.

According to independent sources, in 2009 the volume of offers in the Russian market made more than 20 thousand tons, and by 2015 it would increase up to 50 thousand tons. The raised durability and rigidity of corrugated iron allow to erect arched bridges spans up to 18 metres. Until recently you could get such bridge constructions abroad only. Understanding the necessity to reduce the difference in constructions sizes in import and domestic product mix —, experts of «Gofrostal» (the enterprise of industrial holding «Pilot Plant Gidromontazh») had mastered the production of corrugated steel sheet with wave parameters 380140 mm on the new Italian equipment by January, 2010. The building technology is based on assemblage of a multisheet construction with the help of bolt clamps. It is easy to mount, has no bearing parts, movement joints, durability of constructions is 70-90 years and more. Practically there are no expenses for their repair and maintenance while in service.

There are developed projects of 12-14 metres height overpasses spans over the crossroads in Tatarstan, Kaliningrad region, arched bridges in Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions, the bridge over the river Kharbaz on a highway Kislovodsk — Narzan Valley — Elbrus. Representatives of the industrial holding «Gidromontazh» are sure, that the domestic corrugated iron structures will take a worthy place in building of sports objects for the Olympic Games-2014.