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After feasting came the reckoning

5-6 (2010)
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The 11th Russian team place on winter Games in Vancouver was the result of how Rossport and Minisry of Sports and Tourism realzed the concept of national team preparation. This conclusion was made by the auditors of the Chamber of Accounts, who checked up the efficiency of the «Olympic» money.

Work of the bodies founded for the Vancouver Olympic Games began on the final stage. Organizing committee on preparation and participation of Russian sportsmen in the Games-2010 was created after two years after the corresponding president order promulgation and ten months prior to competitions. The preparation concept was accepted by Rossport only after two years and had formal character, as a matter of fact. Its measures directed on providing Russia with prize-winning places in informal team event were not performed.


First of all it was necessary to construct (to reconstruct) training facilities for the centralized preparation of mountain skiing, snowboard, biathlon, ski jump national teams. However, plans were made on paper. As a result, Russians won only one silver medal in these kinds of sports.

Expenses for medical, biological and methodical support of Russian national biathlon-double team appeared to be 6,2 times less, than approved financial volume, and 3-4 times less for tobogganing national team special equipment. Profound medical examination of sportsmen was not general. In 2006 there were examined only 18,9% of winter sports national team members, in 2007 — 23,8%, in 2008 — 29,9%, in 2009 — 40,8%.

Shell game.

Auditors are categorical: the system of sportsmen preparation financing existing in Minsport is inefficient and corruptible. During all Olympic cycle commercial organizations were directly financing works and the services, connected with preparation of sportsmen. Annually these organizations, subsequently liquidated, got 2-3,5 billion roubles. Hundred millions were taken away from budgetary system and for long time came in commercial banks and organizations.

Man overboard!

It is established that national teams from official Olympic delegation of Russia, were made by sports federations with infringements. For example, the structure of the accredited persons of hockey national team included A.Bedarev (the representative of the press-service), of figure skating national team — Y.Rudkovskaya (the spouse of figure skater E.Plyushchenko), of snowboard national team — K.Piseeva (the daughter of the president of figure skating federation V.Piseev)… And «necessary people» were not included in structure of national teams in some cases. As, for example, Irina Zhuk — the personal trainer of ice dancing couple Yana Khokhlova and Sergey Novitsky.

5 breakfasts of the minister of sports.

Minsport expenses, connected with staying of official sports delegation on the Olympic Games in Vancouver, made almost 41 million roubles. The head of the ministry Vitaly Mutko lived in hotel, which costed the Russian budget$1,5 thousand a night. Besides, every day he took, in average, five vouchers for breakfast, each costed $50. 740 million roubles were spent by Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» for actors' performance. The ceremony of passing on the Olympic baton from Vancouver to Sochi costed about 300 million roubles.

«It is nonsense and nit-picking!»

Vitaly Mutko, the minister of sports of the Russian Federation:

— I don't know, who and what wrote, but all these speculations — who and how much money spent, — are nonsense and nit-picking… I did not choose the room — there is a system of hotel rooms allocation to the heads of delegations of the countries-participants, the IOC members and others on the Olympic Games. Analyzing the costs of preparation for Vancouver, auditors from Chamber of Accounts didn't take into consideration sports expenditure specificity. It is always possible to find some infringements in the big branch. Do you think 17 fourth places are inefficient investment of means?..

«You should ask the Ministry of Sports and federations»

Leonid Tyagachev, the former ROC president:

— May people think, that if there is a question of preparation for the Olympic Games it is connected with ROC. But you should ask the Ministry of Sports and federations, as ROC has not get money from the state budget for the last eight years. We should sort out the situation with those heads of Ministry of Sports and federations who used means inefficiently, carrying out choiceless tenders and letting budget money flow away to the third structures.

«It means, money was not invested properly»

Vladimir Putin, the prime minister of the Russian Federation:

— There is an impression that, the more we invest into sports, the poorer are the results. We allocated only from the federal budget 3,5 billion roubles for preparation of our national team for Vancouver in 2006-2009 — it is five times more than for Turin. It is quite comparable to expenses of the countries, which became leaders during the last winter Olympic Games.

«Russian Homes» are a special case!»

Igor Lebedev, the head of LDPR fraction in the State Duma: — Unfortunately, it is spent much more money, than in other countries for our delegations on the Olympic Games. A special case are — «Russian Homes», oodles of money are thrown into them. Therefore, it is no wonder, that during Vancouver Games our officials lived in hotel rooms, costing$1,5 thousand a day, and accreditations were given to the wrong people.

The expenses connected with preparation and participation of Russian national teams in winter Olympic Games-2010 (million roubles)




Compensation (23 sportsmen)





Compensation (23 sportsmen)


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Author: Sergey Semyonov, Nikita Logvinov