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Dmitry Medvedev, the president of the Russian Federation: «We must take this unique chance»

¹ 1 (2008)
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The Olympic Games in Sochi is a very important incentive for the development of the whole Southern Region of Russia. Life changes greatly in the place where the Olympics appear to be placed. The day, when we learned Sochi was to become the center of the Olympic Games of 2014, is perhaps one of the happiest days for the whole Russian history. The reason is that the Olympics are an event which unites everybody regardless of political attitudes, age and other factors.

The Olympics are a whole world. Winning the right to hold the Olympic Games in Sochi, all of us were feeling euphoria. But we must take this unique chance. The Olympics is the sport of high achievements. Until recently Russia couldn’t afford sports complexes of the international level. But now the sleigh and bobsleigh complex «Paramonovo» has been launched in the Dmitrovsky district, the Moscow Region. The erection of such constructions will promote the development of the mass sports in the country.

Simultaneously we’ll be constructing the whole series of sports units so that every citizen of the country might go in for sports and physical training. I think that «the Fond of Russian Olympians Support», which is to work primarily with the youth, must participate actively in the organization of the winter Olympics of 2014 in Sochi.

Building up a perspective team of benchwarmers, we’ll be able to provide the succession of sports generations in future.