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Heritage and heirs

2 (2008)
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Representatives of foreign companies with an experience in building of Olympic facilities recommend: before choosing the size of sports facilities one should think about the demand for them in the future.

Sky is the limit. After the XXIX Olympic Games in summer in Beijing host countries of the future Olympic Games adhere to the standard of the Chinese as the perfect organizators. They spent USD42 billion on Olympic infrastructure, however there are few sceptics who could doubt the justifiability of these charges, including Russia, which is making preparation to be the host city of the XXII Winter Olympic Games.

According to the international experts it is urgent for Russia not only to create modern Olympic facilities but also make effective use of them after the Olympic Games. This opinion was put forward by foreign participants of the VII International investment forum «Sochi-2008», where the Olympic Games were the topical problem. The vice-premier Dmitry Kozak claimed: — The games in Beijing showed, that the Olympic Games if well and thoroughly organized can be not only a bright world holiday, but also a stimulus for development of national and regional republics. 181 objects are to be built by the Olympic Games of the year 2014, where only 14 objects are sports facilities. The others are the objects of energetics, engineering and transport infrastructure and tourist business. Besides, the main passenger port of Sochi will be rebuilt and two new cargo districts with the capacity of 5 million tons each will be built as well. A railway branch line for high-speed trains is to be erected, where the way from Moscow to Sochi will take only 11 hours. There will be 11 transport interchanges due to which traffic intensity on all areas will not exceed 60%. According to the data of vicepremier of Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak about USD1.5 billion of private investments are involved in the Olympic projects at the present moment.

«They were suggested to Russian and foreign investors and attracted great interest», — the officer said.

We can distinguish a bright participant of Olympic events «Roza Khutor» Company, which builds skiing tracks. The general director of the company Sergey Trubin said: «We almost finished formation of all tracks, 20 km of the track are ready. The International skiing Sports Federation checked them and estimated at beta plus. We will observe all the remarks of sportsmen who will test the tracks already in 2008 and in 2013 World Championship will take place there. According to representatives of foreign companies who have experience in building of Olympic facilities such factor as «Olympic Heritage» is very important. Specialist of project organization, expert of IOC Paskal Sorde comments: — Sports facilities, hospitals, exhibition complexes, educational establishments are the main «Olympic Heritage». But before the facilities building it is necessary to define their size, because it is important for use in the future. President of Cannon design Company Bob Johnston believes that «Heritage of the Olympic Games» is defined by their location. For the Olympic games in Calgary there was built an ice palace. It is situated on the territory of the University; therefore it attracts hundred thousands of people every year. The ice palace built for the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City is a separate building, which does not come in a single unit of objects therefore it was visited only by 35 thousand of people in the year of 2007.

Dmitry Kozak mentioned that transformation of facilities in Sochi already on the project stage was stipulated. For instance, the skating centre was made not only as a training base but also as a festival, exhibition and cultural area for 5 thousand people.