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The hundred-day run

5-6 (2010)
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How did the new ROC president Alexander Zhukov manage to run it? The «Reporter» tried to find answer to this question. And found: there was no record, but the result was good.

As distinct from the politicians, who have a rule to report about intermediate results after the first hundred days, the new Russian Olympic Committee president doesn't have such obligation. However, nothing prevents to make a report on behalf of his name.

Looking for oligarchs for needy federations

ROC in the time of Leonid Tyagachev practically played the role of a travel agency, which organized trips to the Olympic Games for Russian sportsmen. Tyagachev played the role of big wig, who communicated with mass media a lot.

Alexander Zhukov — is the figure of quite different level. Yes, he also doesn't have great power as the ROC president, but he has it as the vice-premier. First of all this power is expressed in money. At the suggestion of Zhukov next year there will be allocated finances from the budget for the sportsmen, head coaches and specialists pay rise. They will get 30-90 thousand, 90-120 thousand, and 40-60 thousand roubles respectively. Apart from government financing Zhukov is actively searching sponsors for those federations, which find it difficult to do without a good lobbyist because of low sport popularity.

Combines efforts for a proper sportsmen training.

Alexander Zhukov emphasizes: ROC president position — is a social duty for which he works, according to his own estimations, about two days a week. Whereas the Olympic committee needs a true leader and Zhukov introduced a post of ROC executive director, which took Tatarstan Ministry of Sports Marat Bariev. For the first time the Committee is actually headed by professional sport manager, not the honored activist or former athlete. Zhukov has already made some changes in the ROC Charter. From now on the federations should take into consideration committee opinion on appointment or dismissal of the leaders and officials. ROC can also stop federation financing and even apply for the government about license recall.

Stamps out the dope.

Struggle with dope Alexander Zhukov immediately called one of the main priorities in his work. He stated it must be stamped out of the domestic sport: it doesn't only strikes the image of the country on the international arena, but also kills the sport concept, when on the world and Europe championships our country is presented by those, who had eaten more pills, but not by those, who are better prepared. As the dope alternative Zhukov is going to offer good medical services to the athletes. The work on the Olympic medical centre construction has already begun; teams' medical headquarters are being filled with experts — physiologists, psychologists, physicians, therapists, masseurs.

Creates the basis for the successful performance in Sochi.

Alexander Zhukov is aware that his work will be estimated according to the results of the Olympic Games in Sochi. The ROC president notices: he will have no time to change anything in sport management, and therefore the way out is — to invest maximum in those sportsmen who will be able to win the medal in three and a half years. Zhukov reasonably expects that the traditional owners' trumps will help us in Sochi. The Russians are expected to train on their own Olympic obj ects — this fact may play a key role in certain sports. Provided, that builders will manage to do everything in time — two years before the starts, as a rule.

«Zhukov made our sport start»

Alexander Katushev, executive director of the Russian Olympians Foundation:

— I have actively supported Alexander Zhukov and expect much from him. He was very interested in our Foundation and expressed readiness for closer relations and cooperation. Yes, there were no revolutions and there were no serious changes, that is why it's early to estimate Zhukov's work. You should have seen how enthusiastically the sports community met him in the forum «Russia — is a sports power!»

He united people around him, made Russian sport start. I'm sure that in future there will be decisions, which will get problems moving. At least, Zhukov managed to prepossess almost all people in sport and they are ready to work with triple energy.

«ROC — is still a travel agency»

Andrey Mitkov, the director and editor-in- chief of the «All sports» portal:

— I'm skeptical about Zhukov's figure as a ROC leader — nothing has been changed there since Tyagachev's leaving and will hardly ever change. Still it is a travel agency, the process of the preparation for the Olympic Games is headed by Vitaly Mutko. I do not understand why Zhukov was nominated to the ROC and why did he agree to work there? Zhukov has been controlling sport in Government for eight years, and during all this time the branch is coming down. Moreover, it was Zhukov who had to answer for the failure in Vancouver. In fact it is Government sport committee allocates means for sportsmen training. Zhukov has such power, that he alone can both drive our sport to the ground and raise it sky-high. How does he use his power — it is another question.

Author: Sergey Semyonov