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5-6 (2010)
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Advertising market professionals are sure that images of sportsmen are the best way for the goods promotion. Unlike variety and television stars, athletes have real victories and defeats. Besides, from all Russian celebrities, our sportsmen are well know abroad.

In the western countries the most outstanding athletes act in TV commercials, and get much more than sports' fees for it. However, we have the same picture for the last years. Sports stars advertise cars, expensive watch, cellular communication, perfume and even vodka and beer.

Not simply Maria.

The most famous advertising «poster» — Maria Sharapova. According to the experts, her total income from her image sold to various brands makes$28 million a year! NHL and Russian national team forward Alexander Ovechkin advertised cars, drinking water and, at last, batteries Energizer Canada Inc. Athlet Elena Isinbaeva's incom for the cooperation with Toshiba makes$1,2 million a year. The strongest person of the country Niko-lay Valuev has earned$100 thousand for advertising of vodka Olymp in 2007.

Chupa-chups from the champion.

We like to use figure skaters in domestic sports marketing. And it is clear: the attitude to figure skating in Russia is reverent. The Olympic champion figure skater Tatyana Navka advertised cars and brilliants, and now for the sake of the contract with well-known cosmetic brand has even dared to risk her blonde image. Her imposing spouse Alexander Zhulin suggests which coffee is better to drink in the mornings. Figure skater Irina Sluts-kaya, having given birth to the child, at once found a great attention of children's food production company. Anton Sikharulidze, taking part in the Duma now, hasn't considered it shameful to advertize condoms. Evgeny Plyushchenko began his advertising career with chupa-chups, and now to his name there are — advertising of Dilmah tea, party «Spravedlivaya Rossiya» and «Oriflame» catalogue.

Bad sign.

Some advertisers, concluding contracts with stars, include point about presence of sports victories, insuring thereby their risks. Sportsmen relations with advertizing are also uneay and risky. But at more subtle level, than PR managers'. It is considered that the Russian sportsmen who are actively acting in in TV commercial on the eve of the Olympic Games, do not become champions.

Absolutely fabulous

David Beckham's annual income of advertizing contracts makes not less than$40 million. Once his image was used by the Korean magazine «Squirt», having made photo session for Pampers advertizing. On photos the kid poses like Beckham in his Armani underwear advertizing. In Russia one of the companies has shown the example how to sell &ar sportsmen in parts. Advertisers used … a false back of football player Arshavin. To be exact — his number ten and part of the surname of the football player. German InterSport decided to use the popularity of football player Michael Ballack, basketball player Dirk Nowitzki and tennis player Roger Federer, having equipped special car places near the shops for them. The door plates informed on a parking lot, set aside for world famous sportsmen.

«The excess of you-self in commercial breaks does not always do good»

Sergey Semak, the captain of football club «Rubin», — advertizes the new series of deodorants Rexona Men:

— Is it difficult to be a model?

— To act in TV commercial is not easy. It is not only process of shootings. To act in deodorant advertizing, I should have made a flight with two changes after the game, then I was waiting —for the light for the make up. Then rehearsals …

— If to trust your words, advertizing takes your power. Whether it influences your primary activity — in football sphere?

— Yes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose advertizing offers. The excess of youself in commercial breaks does not always do good.

Author: Irina Varlamova