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Odd man out

¹ 7-8 (2010)
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2011, being a peak for the Sochi megaproject, has begun with the resignation of president of «Olympstroy» Taymuraz Bolloev. According to the official version, the third head of corporation couldn't bear the Olympic rate and has withdrawn for health reasons.

Rumours about resignation of president of «Olympstroy» Taymuraz Bolloev, circulating for last months, have come true. The state corporation press-service informed about his resignation on January, 31st. The formulation was neither new nor original: «for health reasons». Other details were absent, therefore public opinion had to guess. This day, on January, 31st, news agencies informed, that there were raised six criminal cases upon fictitious employment on various leading positions in «Olympstroy». «Owing to false documents granted by the accused on the given criminal cases total sum of over 23 million roubles was got during the period from 2007 for 2010, — the agencies quoted the head of Sochi investigatory department of the committee of inquiry of the Russian Federation in Krasnodar region Alexey Kramarenko. However, this very day the representative of the press-service of investigatory department of the committee of inquiry of Russian Federation in Krasnodar region declared that there wasn't revealed any fact of corruption in»Olympstroy" in 2010. Thus, he confirmed, that six criminal cases had been raised all the same, but regarding former workers of the corporation.

«it is time to change a theme!». «Olympstroy» was founded in November, 2007 for preparation for XXII winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The ex-head of «Transneft» Semyon Weinstock became the first head of «Olympstroy» — the president of the Russian Federation of that time Vladimir Putin had invited him to this post. However, in April, 2008 Weinstock left corporation, officially — in connection with a retirement. The second head of «Olympstroy» — the ex-mayor of Sochi Victor Kolodyazhny. He was at the helm of corporation till June, 2009, and then wrote a letter of resignation «for family reasons».

The third head of «Olympstroy» — the founder of brewing company «Baltica» Taymuraz Bolloev. He headed the corporation longer than others. But, his style of management didn't differ from style of predecessors. All public Bolloev's statements, concerning the course of building of the Olympic objects were optimistic: «we don't have fears concerning building at least one of the Olympic object». He wasn't less categorical, making comments on discussions about corruption in his domain: «It is time to change a theme! We have multistage, rigid control over money expenditure. Exceptions are, of course, possible, but we operatively react at the slightest suspicion». The Russian elite declared for the whole world, that is going to spend the best Olympic Games in the history. We have to involve the best personnel. Weinstock, Kolodyazhny, and Bolloev are the high-class professionals, who had proved it at their former work. However the megaproject «Sochi-2014» is the other level of responsibility, connected with permanent stress. Therefore, it is quite probable, that Bolloev had really undermined his health at the Olympic building and has to withdraw now, having conceded the post to younger and stronger head.

«it is necessary to have courage to agree». He was found. The watch in «Olymp-stroy» was taken over by Sergey Gaplikov — the assistant to the head of governmental body of the Russian Federation. «Working in government, Gaplikov supervised the Olympic projects. His experience allows him to work successfully. —»It is necessary to have courage to agree for this work. Sergey Anatolievich agreed".

Work of the new head of «Olymp-stroy» is almost round-the-clock. 2011 — is the peak for state corporation: within the limits of the program of the Olympic building it is planned to make 29% of all works this year. For comparison: in 2012 — 21%, in 2013 — 10%. The second stage of the program «Building of the Olympic objects and development of Sochi as mountainous and balneal resort», which realization falls on 2011-2013, includes 116 events for the sum of 83,8 billion roubles. The total amount of financing of the program since 2008 will reach 114,7 billion roubles, 86,7 billion from federal budget, 26,4 billion from regional budget and 1,5 billion roubles from local budget. «Actually, preparation for the Games-2014 enters its final stage, — declared Dmitry Medvedev at the first»Olympic"»meeting of this year. — The project is superscale for our country. There are many difficulties, and all of them, naturally, should be overcome".We should wish sound health to the president of «Olympstroy» №4.

Author: Nikita Logvinov