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Objects to be called for

¹ 7-8 (2010)
Viewed: 1929

The last visit of the IOC inspectors to Sochi convinced higher Russian officials, that preparation for XXII winter Olympic Games is going successfully. «How do you estimate work on preparation for the Games? Are you satisfied?» — the prime minister of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin asked the chairman of the IOC Coordination commission Jean-Claude Killi. «I am satisfied, — he answered. — Our report to the president the IOC will be absolutely positive».

Phase of active building. The vice-premier of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak has confirmed: 2010 became a year of mass building of the Olympic objects in Sochi, and they are becoming more appreciable. «We began building of over 120 objects, 107 objects are in phase of active building», — the curator of the project reported. In total, 298 objects appear in the program of the Olympic building. Among actively built are the central stadium, the big and small ice arenas for ice hockey, ice palace of sports for figure skating and short-track competitions, the skating center, the combined ski and biathlon complex, mountain skiing resort «Rosa Khutor», bobsleigh track and ski jump complex.

New «green» thinking. At IX International Investment Forum in September the administration of Sochi and Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» companies-partners ratified the memorandum of cooperation in the field of ecology and preservation of the environment. The companies undertook commitment to use non-polluting building materials and renewable energy sources, to organize waste management and carbon offset. Within the framework of preparation for the Olympic Games, for the solving of Sochi environmental problems it is allocated about 60 billion roubles only from the federal budget.

In particular, mission members worry about the protection of the ecosystem of the river Mzymta; combined highway and railway Adler — mountain skiing resort «Alpica-service»— one of the biggest and eppensive Olympic projects at the cost of 227 billion roubles is built in its channel.

«People are satisfied». It seems, that the problem of resettlement of citizens from the Olympic and infrastructural objects building area loses its former acuteness. About 1 thousand people are to be resettled. Seven plots for 100 hectares each are allocated for the building of alternative dwelling. According to preliminary negotiations, 550 proprietors decided where they would like to live. 112 private cottages for immigrants are already constructed in Nekrasovskoye village, their area varies from 56 to 570 sq. metres. «People are satisfied», — Vladimir Putin has concluded after his visit to Nekrasovskoye. — We should tell fairly: many of them havent't ever lived in such conditions before.

Last year's snow. According to«Olympstroy», 16 Olympic objects were finished and put into operation in autumn 2010, 34 by the end of the year.

All Olympic objects for competitions are to be constructed by 2012, this will allow to spend two full-fledged seasons of test competitions. According to Alexander Zhukov, the program of test competitions will include 74 competitions. The Cup of Europe on mountain skiing — will take place in Sochi in February, 2011. Thus, organizers assure, that the problem of shortage of snow, which happened during the Games-2010 in Vancouver, doesn't threaten the Russian Olympic Games.

Taxes from gambling business will be used for building of the Olympic objects. The corresponding amendment to federal laws about the Budgetary code and gambling business is discussed now by the State Duma and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. According to forecasts, it will be approved next year. There are four gambling areas in Russia. The Kuban lobby managed to carry one of them — «Azov-city» to the other place. Now, the new area — «Gold dust» — will be built not on the border of Rostov and Krasnodar regions, but near the Blagoveshchensk spit of Anapa resort. It will be more profitable, and consequently, more favourable to the Olympic budget.

The customs will simplify the procedure of registration of the Olympic cargoes arriving to Sochi. In 2010 total commodity turnover of the Sochi customs made$38 million in money terms. Now inert materials prevail among cargoes, but soon manufacturing equipment and equipment for sportsmen will Start to arrive.

The goods for the Olympic Games will be released from the VAT. In November the State Duma of the Russian Federation approved in the first reading the amendment into the article 150 of the Tax code, which allows not to impose value-added tax (VAT) upon the goods imported for carrying out of the Sochi Olympic Games-2014. In the list — import of computers, laptops, calculators, videosyStems, USB-Stores, office equipment, cellular phones, dictaphones, MP3-players, and also the power distributive and medical equipment, snowmobiles. There are 108 positions in the list.

Author: Nikita Logvinov