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Kirill Vlasenko  
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Sergey Semyonov  
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Nikita Logvinov  

ECOproject for Sochi

¹ 7-8 (2010)
Viewed: 1927

Experts of «KubanECOproject'! Ltd. Company, who have great working experience in the future Olympic capital, are sure: having studied necessary research, some of existing environmental problems can be solved already today.

The state of environment including Krasnodar territory, leaves much to be desired. So, the sea water quality of the Black Sea coast is estimated as»bad" by ecologists, though it meets standard requirements. «Many people in Tuapse express their negative opinion of Rosneft enterprises, — tells the chief executive of»KubanECOproject" Ltd. Company Vladimir Sorochenko. — However, according to the statistics, 90% of air pollution in the city is caused by transit transport — the road to Sochi goes via the city, it is narrow, there are traffic jams always". Authoritativeness of the head's opinion is confirmed by 18-year experience of the organization work in Kuban. The company made researches for realization of well-known projects. Now, among «KubanECOproject's» orders — the Novorossiysk seaport economical activity. «We are very interested in Sochi, — Vladimir Sorochenko says. — We have already done some work for Sochi sanatoria, prepared documents for the petrol stations, we cooperate with the Sochi thermal power station for the second year. There is no doubt, that along with fothcoming Olympic Games, ecological pressure of the state on the Sochi enterprises is becoming more rigid.»KubanECOproject", Ltd. company assert that, having studied necessary research, some of existing environmental problems can be solved already today.