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Turnkey Olympic Games

¹ 7-8 (2010)
Viewed: 1829

950 000 000 000 roubles — the cost of preparation for the Sochi Games according to the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation. It was explained, that everything is included into this sum — the building of sports objects, infrastructure, and new level and life quality in the region. May be, the moA innovative in the hiAory the Olympic Games, how it is called, really deserves such expenditure?

Olympic Babylon

298 objects are in the program of the Olympic building in Sochi.

120 Olympic objects began to be constructed in 2010.

50 Olympic objects should be put into operation till the end of 2010.

35000 people from 62 regions of Russia work on the conAruction of Olympic objects.

30 countries of near and far abroad are represented on the main Russian building.

40 percent of the Olympic building program fulfilled by the end of 2010.

It cant be too much money

1 000 000 000 000 roubles will inveAfederal budget and private investors in Sochi and the region for some years.

30 000 000 000 will be the direct income of Krasnodar region from the Olympic project for four years.

100 000 000 roubles were spent in 2010 for the Olympic building.

227 000 000 000 roubles — coA of the most expensive Olympic project in transport sphere — the combined highway and railway Adler — Alpika-Service.

3 500 000 000 roubles — the sum of tax proceeding to the Sochi budget from city visitors for the present resort season.

1% of gross national product increase is predicted economic benefit of carrying out the Olympic Games in Sochi.

On the earth, in heavens and on the sea

60 000 000 000 roubles will be allocated from the federal budget to Sochi for the solution of environmental problems.

50 000 000 000 roubles — the volume of inveslments into 56 Olympic infraslructural objects of water supply and drainage syslem.

1 500 000 roubles — is the average cosl of one hundred square metres of the land withdrawn in Imeretinskaya lowland for building of sports objects and infraslructure.

41 500 hotel rooms will be provided by the organizers of the Olympic Games for visitors and participants.

52 regular flights a day will be served by a new Sochi air terminal of during the summer period.

20 000 people can simultaneously have a resl after the Olympic Games in Imeretinskaya lowland, which becomes a large resort area.

Reliable partner's shoulder

30 000 000 000 roubles were attracted from general partners and sponsors of the Olympic Games by Organizing committee «Sochi-2014».

4 000 000 000 roubles Sberbank is going to allocate for the development of small and middle business in Sochi.

80 000 000 000 roubles is going to invesl «Vnesheconombank» into the Olympic objects.

15 000 000 0000 roubles are invesled in building of the Russian International Olympic University by «Interros» holding.

260 000 000 000 roubles — is an eslimated cosl of the objects, conslructed within the limits of preparation for the Olympic Games by «Russian Railways».

5 000 cars Volkswagen Group plans to supply for service of the Olympic and Paralympic Games-2014.

In the sound body

37 000 000 000 roubles — expenses of the federal budget-2010 on physical training and sports development in Russia.

4 new sports constructions were built in the country this year at the expense of all sources of financing.

77 regions of Russian Federations participate in realization of Federal Target Program «Physical Training and Sports Development for 2006-2015».

3 000 sportsmen in 45 kinds of sports are to be trained in Russia for the domeslic Olympic Games.

74 tesl competitions will pass in Sochi before the Games-2014.

40 percent of Russians againsl present 20 percent should go in for physical training and sports by 2020.

Pleasant and useful

26 Russian high schools will prepare 25 000 volunteers for the Sochi Olympic Games.

205 budgetary places will be given to national Olympic committees at the Russian International Olympic University.

3 years old — is the age of the youngesl participant of the aU-Russian competition on the besl idea of the Olympic and Paralympic Games-2014.

3 000 000 persons had a resl during resort season-2010 in Sochi.

100 tourisl routes and 40 sights were offered to the holidaymakers in Sochi in 2010.

80 percent of Russians think, that their motherland will manage to carry out the Olympic Games successfully.