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By word and deed

¹ 7-8 (2010)
Viewed: 1890

«Sochi-2014» is not only megaproject, but also megaPR: for politicians, officials, businessmen, sportsmen. And it is PR without negative shade. The country should know its heroes. Who are they — people and companies, which, in 2010, made, according to the «Reporter», major contribution to the organization of the first Olympic Games in modern history of Russia?
Jean-Claude Killy, the chairman of the IOC Coordination commission:

— I am impressed by rates of building and scales of transformations in Sochi. Today Sochi halfway to the Olympic Games. And the passed way is impressing. Sochi can be proud of the success in marketing, education, ecology and, certainly, sports objects and infrastructure, changes of the city and of the whole region. The IOC has no doubt that Russia will prepare unforgettable Olympic Games.

Vladimir Putin, the prime minister of Russia:

— Only this year it is spent about 100 million roubles for the Olympic Games preparation. Look how the preparation for the Games is going. I am sure, it will be interesting — to look at the scale of works carried out by Russia here: our builders, experts are working in the closest contact with partners from the American continent, and from the European countries. Before our very eyes the city is literally changing to the best.

Dmitry Kozak, the vice-premier of Russia:

— For today Sochi is the biggest and dynamic building. It is the unique stable center of economics growth of the region and of the South of Russia. In 2009 state financing of the Olympic Games objects made 206 billion roubles, and this year it is planned 185 billion We are on the homestretch. We are absolutely sure, that all objects will be constructed in due time and with high quality.

Alexander Zhukov, the president of the Olympic committee of Russia:

— We want to make the Olympic Games in Sochi the most technological. We want to surprise the world by introduction of high technologies, organization and carrying out of competitions, and also by everything, that will be connected with Games. I hope, we will make it. The new epoch in development of the Russian sports will begin with these Games. And the Games-2014 will give the same spur to all our sports, as the Games-1980 in Moscow.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, the president of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014»:

— The Olympic project is attractive for business: we have already signed partner contracts for the sum more than$1 billion, 20 thousand persons are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making the basis for the most innovative Games in the history. In 2012 all objects will be ready for test competitions. They will be of such scale, that can be compared to carrying out of two Olympic and Paralympic Games even prior to the beginning of the Games in Sochi.

Vladimir Dmitriev, the chairman of Vnesheconombank:

— Vnesheconombank has already opened financing of building of the Olympic objects in Sochi in cost more than 50 billion roubles. The total sum of financing will make 80 billion roubles. Vnesheconombank participates in financing of projects, where the share of private investors makes not less than 30% of their total cost. Thus, Vnesheconombank provides up to 70% of the Olympic projects financing.

Vladimir Yakunin, the president of «Russian Railways» Ltd.:

— The estimated obj ects' cost, on which Russian Railway works within the framework of preparation for the Olympic Games, makes 260 billion roubles. Now five our transport objects from six are building. We are working according to the schedule, without correcting it. Traffic between Adler and the airport of Sochi was opened by company even before the term — in December, 2011. It will allow to solve transport problems in Sochi.

Alexey Miller, the chairman of the board of «Gazprom»:

— The cost of building of gas pipeline Dzhubga — Lazarevskoye — Sochi, financed by «Gazprom», will make 25 billion roubles. Project realization will considerably raise safety of Sochi gas supply, where in 2014 the Olympic Games will take place. The new branch of gas pipeline will allow to eliminate territorial irregularity of gas supply in Krasnodar region. There is no doubt, that it will be constructed qualitatively and in time.

Vladimir Potanin, the president of «Interros» holding:

- Each new Olympic Games should be better than the previous. So, Sochi Games are to be better than Vancouver Games. The Russian International Olympic university, which investor is «Interros», — is entirely the sponsor's project. We invested$150 million in it, and it is our gift to all country, the contribution to the Olympic heritage. That is the successful combination of the business project with social elements.

Herman Gref, the chairman of the board of Sberbank of the Russian Federation:

— In course of preparation for the Olympic Games, Sochi has literally changed before our very eyes. Expected economic benefit of carrying out of the Games will make 341 billion roubles. So, Sberbank which is the general Sochi-2014 partner, intends to consider possibility of allocation to the city not less than 4 billion roubles for the development of small and medium business and not less than 2 billion roubles for development of housing crediting till 2014.

Anton Sikharulidze, the chairman of committee of the State Duma of Russian Federation on physical training and sports:

— The Olympic Games in Sochi are the national project. We should understand, that the Olympic Games are the whole life for its participants, unique possibility to perform at competitions of such high level. The main figure of any Olympic Games is sportsman, and we should seriously train for Sochi-2014.

Anatoly Pakhomov, the mayor of Sochi:

— Building of skiing resorts will give Sochi the chance to work all year long. Transformation of the city into all-the-year-round resort will reduce seasonal agiotage of local residents in their aspiration to earn on tourists. We should consider the experience of our competitors, and bring down the prices for accomodation of the vacationers, foodstuff, and other services. I hope, our businessmen understand it.