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Do I look like a person who doesn't care about his future?

2 (2008)
Viewed: 1854

President of government corporation «Olympstroy» Viktor Kolodyazhniy thinks that in order to «hold properly» the Olympic games-2014 in Sochi, we need to use the experience of China which hosted the Olympiad-2008.

— Mr. Kolodyazhniy, «Olympstroy» plays the role of the customer of all the objects to be built for the Olympic games-2014 in Sochi. What objects are already laying the corporation «bag»?

— For example, hotel complexes in Imeretenskaya valley. We announce auction for construction of 8000 hotel rooms of three star class, 3100 rooms of four star class and 1300 rooms of five star class. At the end of the year we are going to announce auction for construction of five ice palaces and central stadium. It is desirable for these objects to be built by large companies which have experience in such projects. There is a great number of interesting tasks for road builders: 70 km of road to be built. We are going to announce auction at the end of the year. For the present moment all the objects in Krasnaya Polyana have got the investors.

— Are only Russian companies going to build the Olympic Objects?

— We had meetings with the delegates from Belgium, France and other countries – they are interested in execution of construction works in almost all the sport objects in Sochi.

— Are there any obstacles in these grandiose projects?

— After examining all the details, I didn't find anything impossible.

— Do you have any fears that after the Olympic games some objects will appear to be only partially used or even useless?

— Investors are working out the scenario on their future transformation after 2014.

— Olympic construction is connected with the numerous inconveniences for the local residents. Did you think how to minimize these inconveniences?

— Have you seen the model of Imeretenskaya valley? We do our best so that the construction does not disturb the inhabitants. The auction was held for constructing the camp for constructors.

— How are you going to persuade the citizens that the price proposed for their property in Imeretenskaya valley is adequate to the market price?

— We hold the competition to choose the companies for the estimation of the Imeretenskaya valley citizens' property. In order to avoid any questions and doubts it is carried out by private not governmental companies. We want the property estimation to be made fairly.

— Have you been to the Olympic Games in Beijing? What Chinese experience would you like to transfer to Sochi?

— Firstly, in Beijing I liked the greenery. Secondly the lightening: every Olympic object was equipped by the sun batteries supplying the electricity. And of course the road coverage — I admire the work of the Chinese. If we apply the same technologies we will hold the appropriate Olympic Games.