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«The Olympic building has spread all over the country»

¹ 7-8 (2010)
Viewed: 1807

More than 80 objects are built in Sochi today, the companies from the Central, Southern, Ural and Siberian federal districts of Russia, and also about ten main contractors and subcontractors from abroad work there, has made things clear the vice-president of «Olympstroy» company Yury Tyrtyshov in his interview to the «Olympic Reporter».

— 2010 became the most active year of the Olympic building in Sochi. What key sports and infrastructural objects are constructed?

— Really, in 2010 the Olympic building has achieved serious rate. Works are being simultaneously done on more than 80 objects. However, the building peak is expected the next year.

About 25 objects are put into operation. One of the most important — the international terminal of the airport of Sochi. On the Big ice arena we have already started installation of a dome and a roof flooring. The Ice palace of sports, where more than 9 thousand metalware are mounted, and overhead cover of several floors are made «has grown» in the Olympic park for this year. Mountain-skiing tracks are ready to recieve sportsmen in «Rosa Khutor» resort. Here, in February, 2011 competitions will take place. The building of bobsleigh track has begun in mountains.

— How many companies and from what regions of Russia take part in building of the Olympic objects today?Are workers from republics of the North Caucasus actively involved?

— It is difficult to name exact figure of participants of the Olympic building: each executor works with contractors who, in their turn, may have subcontractors. The companiesas from the south of Russia, and the Central district, regions of Ural and Siberia participate in building.

— Within a year it was told, that the Olympic building has deficiency of workers. Did you manage to come to the decision of this problem?

— More than 39 thousand persons are involved in the Olympic building — they are representatives of about 30 countries of near and far abroad. It is planned that by the middle of the next year the number of builders will increase.

— Now «Olympstroy» makes additional ecological demands to designing and building of the Olympic objects, which are included in contracts on execution of works with contract organizations and agreements with other executives. The corporate Olympic «green» standard is developed for estimation of introduction of these requirements. Whether it is possible to speak about intermediate results of application of elements of «green» building already?

— Technologies, which allow to reduce considerably the use of natural resources and energy are applied on the Olympic objects. 10 Olympic objects will pass certification on conformity to requirements of international «green» standards LEED and BREEAM. Among them: the Central stadium and the Big ice arena («Olympstroy»), the covered skating center (OAO «Center»Omega"), mountain Olympic village (OAO «Gazprom»), Olympic media center (OAO «Krasnaya Polyana»), railway stations (OAO «Russian Railways»).

Author: Nikita Logvinov