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The steel basis of the Olympic victories

¹ 7-8 (2010)
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«Provision of the Olympic building in Sochi with high-quality materials is not only a question of commercial in terest of the company-supplier, but also a poin t of honor for any russian businessman»! — the director of the «Stal NOVA» LLC Andrey Dukin is sure.

The «Stal NOVA» LLC has been taking confident positions in the ranks of South Russian metal-traders since 2007, providing building of large objects of the region by steel, zinced and corrosion-resistant metal-roll, meeting the highest requirements of existing standards. A basis of success of the young vigorous team makes the high level of the professionalism, allowing to react dynamically to any changes of market parameters, sudden tendencies in metal pricing, new participants, entering the market, changing of routes and conditions of product transportation or the necessity of additional storage facilities for transfer of especially large batch of metal. Experts of the company always find the optimum decision completely agreeable to the needs of the customer. The first is the loyal price policy. Having the best terms of cooperation with manufacturers, we offer our customers the price, which considerably raises profitability of building process. The second — is efficiency. Having good relations with transport sector, we undertake obligations to supply any volume of metal-roll to Southern Federal district objects within a day from the moment of order registration. And the third — is individual approach. We are able to make the strategic decisions, promoting formation of favorable atmosphere for prolonged cooperation with key clients of building branch, — Andrey Dukin has listed the advantages of his company.

Thus, «Stal NOVA» LLC is considered to be the ideal supplier of materials for the most important building of Russia. All the more, the metal delivered by the company, was repeatedly and successfully tested and carefully selected for conformity with high requirements of a complex of works on the Olympic objects in Sochi.