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«Circular» Olympic routes

¹ 7-8 (2010)
Viewed: 1801

The Rostov branch of «First cargo company» PLC optimizes the delivery of cargoes for the Olympic buildings. The director of «FCC» PLC branch Vadim Zhukov explains, that it has been reached by the introduction of «circular» Olympic routes with «fixed» schedules.

— The volume of transported cargoes in a southern direction grows swiftly. About 25% from 16 million 667 thousand tons of all cargoes transported within last year by our vehicles, were delivered to the Olympic objects. In comparison with 2009 the volume of the «Olympic» cargo has increased by 1 million tons. We were the first who began to transport intert-building cargoes by the so-called organized routes. To systematize this work, «FCC» PLC together with «Russian Railways» traffic control management has deveeloped the scheme of of trains «circular» routes with «fixed» schedules. Since September, 2010 we have started to bring «circular» routes traffic to train schedule standards.

In the winter train schedule there are six «fixed» «Olympic» routes. Due to this, we managed to reduce the circulation of wagons from loading to loading to 36 hours. Thus, now we are carrying out the largest volume of transportations using fewer trians, we provide standard profitableness and considerably increase «FCC» PLC gain. The system of continuous cargo traffic allows us to transport not only the increased volume of cargoes of our major customers, but also to be claimed for any consignor who intends to transport cargoes in the Sochi direction, if its activity meets the requirements of the government resolution of the Russian Federation № 792 from 10/5/2010, regulating the planning of the Olympic transportations.