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«Gold fund for Kuban is being created»

¹ 7-8 (2010)
Viewed: 1912

The infrastructure, constructed for the Olympic Games, will serve economics and population of the region for a long time. In usual conditions it would take some tens years, the governor of Krasnodar region Alexander Tkachev is sure.

 — The Olympic Games-2014 are unique, because the sports objects are built from point zero. Kuban lives in conditions of round-the-clock Olympic Games preparation for the last years. We are actively working in several areas.

The first is building. Krasnodar region builds 61 object for its own account. About 100 building companies of the region are involved in the program of the Olympic building. The second is the development of Sochi infrastructure. Kuban is developing over 80 measures in the given sphere, actively gettting investors involved also. The roads and port complexes, interchanges, tunnels, power and gasification objects, engineering utility lines are built. The third is the preparation of the long-term program «Olympic Games heritage», which should work after 2014. To take, for example, the building of Expo Centre for 40 thousand square meters — we plan to hold the International investment forum in September, 2014 here. We have felt the multiplicative effect from realization of the Olympic megaproject on Kuban practically in each branch last year already. Only direct regional budget profit from the Olympic project during the period from 2009 to 2013 will make not less than 30 billion roubles. But, the image of Kuban as modern, attractive, sports and dynamically developing region becomes the main heritage of the Olympic Games. Inhabitants of Sochi and region support the Olympic Games. The results of sociological researches show: 70% of Kuban residents say «yes!» to the Olympic Games.

The mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov: «We bring the city to the single architectural shape»

354 apartment houses in Sochi are enqueued for major repairs this year. The mayor Pakhomov is proud of the fact, that the volume of financing of major repairs increased more than in 14 times. «We bring the city to the single architectural shape, therefore, our roofs and fences should be identical», — Pakhomov declared.

1,8 billion roubles make the assignments for sociocultural Sochi objects. New city hospital №5 constructed in Dagomys, the big sports complex for children in the center of Sochi, on the Parkovaya Street, firSt aid Station in Loo. Music and art schools for children opened their doors after major repairs. 60 000 new trees will be additionally bed out in Sochi within the next two-three years. Anatoly Pakhomov insists, that there is spent great landscape gardening work in the city. 27,6 billion roubles — program «Sochi — is a hospitable city» cosb Four zones of the special town-planning control are defined. The total area of the zones makes 4187 hectares: 27 sbreets leading to Sochi sights, will be repaired to the Olympic Games. 683 million roubles are allocated for it. In total, within the framework of preparation for the Games-2014, region and city authorities will spend 1,5 billion roubles for major repairs of the Sochi roads.