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Nikita Logvinov  
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Nikita Logvinov  
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Irina Rodina, Lyudmila Bobrova  
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Kirill Vlasenko  
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Sergey Semyonov  
Almost national idea (1776)
Nikita Logvinov  

Volunteering is first of all the initiative

¹ 7-8 (2010)
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Realizing the importance of formation of youth social position, Yugra State Uuniversity actively develops volunteering among students.

The main center of attraction of volunteers in Yugra is the Yugra State University (YSU). Annually about 1000 students of the YSU take part in volunteer movement. There are strong traditions and technologies in selection of volunteers and their preparation in the university. The pro-rector of extracurricular activity of the YSU Aram Vartanyan tells about them in detail: — Yugra as one of the most developed sports regions of the country became the place of the largest world and All-Russian championships, and it was an incitement to the development of volunteer movement on the basis of our university also. The World biathlon championship of 2003 in Khanty-Mansiysk became our first experience in preparation of volunteers. Our students worked at this tournament in groups of accreditation, service, in the press-service, in mass meeting. Everything was new for young university, but this experience appeared to be successful. For seven years record service of our volunteers was replenished by participation in the organization of such largest international competitions, as World biathlon Cups, World chess Cups, 39th World chess Olympic Games, 1st Summer Sports Youth Contest of Russia… By means of volunteering we try to form students' active vital position, ability to be guided in society, to live among people and to help them whenever it is possible. The school of social designing «Master-Project», grants to the most urgent and demanded projects, allow students to solve problems independently, give them the chance to feel themselves somebody, who can effectively change the world around them.