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Almost national idea

¹ 7-8 (2010)
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Very soon XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Games in Sochi will get their talismans. They will be chosen by national SMS voting on the air.

«We became the first who have made the process of creation of talismans the national scale project, — tells proudly the head of brand department of Organizing committee »Sochi-2014" Nelly Aleksandrova. — Certainly, it would be much easier to follow the way of other Organizing committees and to charge professional designers with the creation of talismans of our Games. But we haven't made it, because understood: Russia is peculiar, and we are peculiar. We have set a task to unite «great and various» country round one common idea".

By the end of December, when all offers were processed, the total number of drawings, published on official competition site exceeded 24 thousand, and since September, 1st, the site has been visited by more than 1,2 million people. The authors of ideas are the inhabitants of all regions of Russia, and also the compatriots, who now live in the USA, Austria, Belarus, Estonia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The senior is 77 years old, the youngest — three years old. The most popular appeared to be animals (bears, snow leopards, dolphins), snow figures (snowmen, snowflakes, ice-pieces), fairy-tale characters (Father Frost, the Snow Maiden, the Cheburashka, epical heroes, Kolobok). TOP-10 Olympic and TOP-3 Paralympic ideas of talismans for Sochi-2014 form the short list. From ideas of the Olympic talismans a hare, a dolphin, a polar bear, a brown bear, a bullfinch, a leopard; a snowball/snowflake/ ice-piece, the sun, little men, Father Frost will contend for the right to be the person of Sochi-2014; from Paralmpic — the Russian doll/tilting doll, a dolphin, a bullfinch. «The competition final will be broadcast on television, — has announced the president of Organizing committee »Sochi-2014" Dmitry Chernyshenko. — I do not want to show all secrets, but believe me, it will be interesting".

Vitaly Smirnov, the honourable president of ROC, the IOC member:

— They are the first winter Olympic Games for Russia, but we shouldn't forget that our country already hold the Olympic Games in 1980. Then, the great work on choosing of talisman was done too. The whole world remembers the Bear of Olympic Games-80, for Russia it is a symbol of the whole epoch. Talismans of the Games-2014 will become the heroes of their time, and I hope, our work will help this.

Alexander Ovechkin, the world hockey champion, the ambassador of «Sochi-2014»:

— I have supported competition of talismans of the Games-2014, because I understand how important it is for the creation of their symbol. Sochi Olympic Games — domestic Olympic Games, the responsible moment for sportsmen and all inhabitants of the country who will support us. I will not surprise my fans, saying, that «my» talisman of the Olympic Games is a sheep. Funny, with h aockey stick or on a snowboard.

Oksana Domnina, bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games-2010, the world and Europe figure skating champion, the ambassador of «Sochi-2014»:

— I have supported competition of talismans with pleasure. It seems to me, that the dolphin personifying, on the one hand, beauty of the Sochi nature, and on another hand — complexity and grace of figure skating should become a talisman of Sochi-2014. As the figure skater, I have «put on» the skates on my dolphin.

Albert Demchenko, vice-champion of the Olympic Games-2006, the tobogganing champion of Europe and Russia:

— I was glad to support the competition, I consider it an important initiative for the country. Our history shows, that we have got used to hope for a miracle, therefore I offered a goldfish as a talisman, who fulfills wishes, and lives in the Black sea, of course. It will certainly bring victory to the Russian national team at the domestic Games.

Olesya Vladykina, Paralympic swimming champion of the Games-2008, the ambassador of «Sochi-2014»:

— My talisman of Paralympic Sochi Games — is a small fish on a snowboard. I am professional swimmer, and snowboard — is one of my favourite winter sports. But my small fish is not gold, it is aquamarine, — I associate the city-resort of Sochi with the Black sea. I hope, public, sportsmen, and visitors of the Olympic Games will like my talisman.

Edgar Zapashny, the trainer, the honored artist of Russia:

— My brother and I suggested to make two little tigers — unusual white and traditional red one, the girl and the boy to be the Sochi Olympic Games symbol. White tiger points out the uniqueness of winter Games in subtrop-ics, and red is associated with the rich nature of Russia. Dignity, strength, dexterity, grace and beauty — all these tiger qualities are quintessence of «sports» concept.

Natalia Vodyanova, the top model, the ambassador of «Sochi-2014»:

— I would like that the white tiger — a disappearing animal, which needs our support, become a talisman of Sochi. Sochi Games — is the world scale event, meant to change people views on questions, connected with ecology. I have drawn the tiger graceful and beautiful, not toy. I like a belt of the Olympic rings on the Bear of Olympic Games-80, and I have borrowed it for «my» tiger.

Diana Gurtskaya, the singer, the deserved actress of the Russian Federation, the ambassador of «Sochi-2014»:

— The idea of Paralympic talisman of Sochi was offered by our son. He is little, and he only learns to draw, therefore he has drawn the snowman made of three balls. Certainly, we would like, that our drawing became a talisman of Paralympic Games-2014. Anyway, I will keep it and I will show to the son in 2014, in the day of the beginning of Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Author: Nikita Logvinov