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1000 good deeds

9-10 (2011)
Viewed: 1880

Count-down of time, remained before opening of the XXII winter Olympic Games has begun. Thousands of residents from$$ cities of Russia have taken part in ecological, educational, cultural and sports events called «The marathon of 1000 good deeds».

The clock, counting down the time, started on May, 14th, one thousand days before opening of the Games-2014. Made by the Swiss firm OMEGA, the clock are placed in Sochi on the square near seaport. Their height — 4,15 meters, length — 4,408 meters, weight — 3,5 tons. «Holiday» «1000 days before the Games» is celebrated by

all organizing committees of the world and symbolizes transition of process of preparation for the Olympic Games into the final stage, — make comments in Organizing committee«Sochi 2014". — In Russia start of count-down is unique: within the framework of celebratings thousands of people all over the country took part in events called «The marathon of 1000 good deeds» Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Omsk, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Novorossiysk. Sports holiday «1000 meters in the run-up to the Olympic Games». Volunteer activists have organized scale flashmob «Olympic gymnastics» on central squares of the cities with participation of thousands of people. Pyatigorsk. An ascent on Mashuk mountain 1000 meters height and garbage cleaning on its slopes. Students-volunteers of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University were ascenting from five different points — by quantity of the Olympic rings. On the highest point of Mashuk the flag «Sochi 2014» was hoisted. Moscow, Kazan, Tomsk. Festival of «International friendship», reflecting cultural and creative variety of nationalities of Russia. Volunteers of the Kazan State Technical University set big festive table with 1000 national delicacies, everyone could taste them. Vladivostok, Tver, Sochi, Pyatigorsk, Arkhangelsk. Planting of greenery in the Olympic avenues and carrying out of the Olympic cleaning days for beautification of cities.

«Sochi-2014»partners are active participants of the action «1000 days before the Games»

«Rosneft» organized scale concert on Red Square in Moscow with participation of such stars like Vladimir Presnyakov, Dima Bilan, Valeria, Diana Gurtskaya, «A-studio» band. When «Cvety» were singing their «Herculean strength» there was taking place mass flashmob: the Olympic champions, ambassadors and volunteers of «Sochi-2014», actors, folklore collectives, spectators — 1927 persons — have performed the synchronous dance, which became record-breaking by number of participants in Russia.

Panasonic organized shooting of celebration in Sochi and Moscow in 2D and 3D formats. «Volkswagen Group Rus» made a holiday at the factory in Kaluga with participation of the ambassador of «Sochi-2014» Alexey Voevoda, and also spent a series of events in the Skoda dealer centers all over Russia. Among them — the festival of extreme sports «1000 heartbeats» in St.-Petersburg, cycle tour «1000 days before the Olympic ©ames»

Sberbank organized Festival of international friendship and evening concert on a city square in Kazan.

«Rostelecom» prepared 1000 amazing «Olympic» competitions for children in all regions of Russia, and also launched two All-Russia competitions in social networks.

SAMSUNG initiated «Olympic» days for pupils of sponsored orphan asylums in Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Tolyatti, Samara, St.-Petersburg, Kaluga and Yakhroma situated near Moscow. BOSCO has planted cherry garden in park near seaport in Sochi. «Russian Railways» will make a film cut from the video wishes of inhabitants of the country addressed to all involved in the Olympic Games — builders, sportsmen, volunteers.

Coca-Cola celebrated 1000 days before the Olympic Games in Sochi together with the other significant date — the 125 anniversary of a legendary brand. The exhibition «Coca-Cola World» was held in Moscow, Sochi, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan and Krasnoyarsk.

“It was amazing!”

Jean-Claude Killy, the chairman of the IOC Coordination commission:

— It was an amazing show — to watch how huge Russia is involved in celebrating of 1000 days before the Games in Sochi. We became witnesses of surprising enthusiasm, which has consumed the residents of the country. And start of unique clocks, counting down the time before the Games has once again reminded the whole world, that Russia will receive soon the visitors of the Olympic Games and the best sportsmen of winter sports. Now I am sure, that in 2014 Olympians will get the fantastic welcome.

“It was fanastic!”

Zhilber Felli, the IOC chief executive of carrying out of the Olympic Games:

— I congratulate Russians with excellent celebrating «1000 days before the Games»! To see such scope — is was fanastic! Russians have done huge work on preparation for the Olympic Games and popularization of the Olympic movement. The idea to involve all regions of the country in the event was improbable. Certainly, to set such a global aim was the great challenge, but the result has surpassed all expectations.

“All country took part in the event”

Dmitry Kozak, the vice-premier of the Russian Federation:

— Recently, the countries, which have won the right to carry out the Olympic Games, celebrate 1000 days before the beginning of the Games. Russia wasn't laid aside. Celebrating has passed all over the country — from Vladivostok to Moscow. Events were organized on the basis of 26 volunteer centers in 14 regions. First of all, this holiday was organized to join people to the Olympic, sports and humanitarian values, to the healthy way of life, to playing sports.

“The team of like-minded people has gathered”

Dmitry Chernyshenko, the president of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014»:

— «1000 days before the Games» — is the symbolic event not only for Organizing committee, but also for all country. I want to thank all those, who has taken part in it. Thereby, they haven't just supported the Olympic Games in Sochi, but also have made 1000 good deeds in the field of protection of environment, sports, culture and education. We have seen the team of like-minded people, making maximum of efforts to spend the most innovative Games, which will inspire the world.