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Village with the view of the city

9-10 (2011)
Viewed: 1992

In Imeretinskaya lowland took place solemn ceremony of laying of the first foundation stone of the Olympic village, which includes, actually, the village itself, and also a complex of buildings and constructions for accomodation of International Olympic and Paralympic committees (the IOC and IPC) representatives and sponsors.

The project provides building of about 1,7 thousand apartments, which will be located in 53 buildings of total area about 232 thousand sq. meters. The hotel complex will include hotel for the IOC members with 500 rooms and buildings for members of the Olympic family and IPC with 1000 apartments, which will be located in 12 buildings of total area about 110 thousand sq. meters. Altitude of buildings will vary from three to seven floors. Both complexes will occupy 67 hectares. The investments into the project taking into account engineering infrastructure, park zone, intradomestic territories with reservoirs will make about 20 billion roubles, 30% of them — are owned assets, 70% — are Vnesheconombank credits. Village delivery is planned for July, 2013. After the Olympic Games it would be transformed to a housing estate with complete infrastructure.