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Miller turns the gas on

9-10 (2011)
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The gas pipeline of Dzhubga — Lazarevskoye — Sochi is put into operation. Almost all line is laid on a sea bottom, that allowed to lower load on ecosystem of the Black Sea coast to a minimum. The volume of transported gas will reach 3,78 billion cubic meters a year. «It is big volume. Some European countries take 3 billion cubic meters, and here we have more», — the prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin compared.

He called new gas pipeline «very important project not only for the Olympic objects, but also for all Big Sochi and in general for all South of Russia». «About a quarter of a million people have an opportunity to install gas in their houses. Restrictions on building of habitation and objects of infrastructure are being lifted. Possibility for new workplaces appears, — the prime minister listed the benefits from the project.

The gas pipeline was completely designed by Russian experts. Project realization costed 31,5 billion roubles to the investor — OAO»Gazprom". One of the main consumers of gas becomes Adler TPP, which should be finished in 2012 and will allow to cover more than a third of predicted peak loading of the Sochi area in 2014. The use of natural gas will promote the further improvement of ecological conditions in the region.