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Pass or fail the test

9-10 (2011)
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Competition among student's building teams of Russia for participation in group «Olympian» has come to the end. It was necessary to select 10 groups.

 However, there appeared to be much more interested persons — student's building teams from all regions of the country filed applications. The first in Sochi came 40 students from the Rostov team «Don», going for building of the combined highway and railway Adler — mountainous resort Alpika-Service. The commander of «Don» Victor Yanov has told: «Selection became more rigid. For two hundred places there were over six hundred applications. We considered each nominee, and had to refuse to many. First of all we looked at studies — there are no children who failed exams and tests». Teams-winners will be involved also in building of the Big ice arena, the Ice palace for figure skating and short-track competitions, the Central stadium, the main media center. In 2010 practical training in Sochi passed 1520 students from 28 regions of Russian Federation, and also from Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan. In 2011 it is expected more than 2000. «We develop this movement. The best student's teams will get the advantages, allowing to take part in volunteer movement», — the vice-premier of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak informed.