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Trainings under house arrest

9-10 (2011)
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The Ministry of Regional Development of Russian Federation prepared the project of the governmental order assuming building of the country Olympic winter sports training center for national teams.

 According to the calculations, adoption and realization of the project will demand allocation of additional means from the federal budget. They are needed for design and prospecting works, for building of the center, and also for creation of necessary infrastructure for sportsmen preparation and recovery with the use of advanced means and techniques. Pleasure is far from cheap — 750 million roubles: 378,8 million — for 2011 and 371,2 million — for 2012. In the meantime, all main training bases for preparation for the Sochi Olympic Games are being constructed. In Novogorsk will be opened new halls for gymnastics, fencing and track and field athletics, in Perm — a line of springboards and the biathlon center, in Leningrad region — the freestyle center, in Moscow region — base for weightlift-ing, in Krasnodar region — the wrestling center… Prime minister Vladimir Putin entrusted the vice-premier, president of ROC Alexander Zhukov with supervision of all questions connected with the organization of preparation of the Russian sportsmen for the Games-2014.