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Everything will be half-pipe!

9-10 (2011)
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The IOC executive committee decided to fill up the program of winter Olympic Games-2014 with new sports disciplines: these are women ski jumps, the mixed biathlon race, team figure skating, relay race in luge, men and women ski half-pipe.

Perhaps, the most exotic for Russians are men and women ski half-pipe — one of freestyle kinds. This free style of skiing with making of acrobatic tricks appeared in the USSR 25 years ago. «Nobody and nowhere specially trained masters of freestyle», — commented in Russian Freestyle Federation. Thus, in 1991 our sportsmen won first two gold medals in a combination dutring the winter Olympic Games in Lake-Placid, that is in a complex of performances in mogul, acrobatics and ballet. Inclusion of the mixed biathlon race in the program of the Sochi competitions was lobbied for many years by the International Luge Federation. «Strengthening of a trainer's staff of national team by foreign experts, working out of new sledge will help us to approach to Sochi being favourites», — the president of Luge Federation of Russia Leonid Gart considers. «We are ready to provide carrying out of competitions in these kinds at the highest level», — the president of ROC Alexander Zhukov is optimistic.