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Last year's snow

9-10 (2011)
Viewed: 1750

OOO «Gazprom-Sotsinvest» constructed the first storehouse for last year's snow, which can be used in case of need on the ski-biathlon complex in Sochi.

The complex is intended for carrying out of competitions of winter Olympic Games-2014. It is erected in vicinities of Krasnaya Polyana at about 1,5 thousand meters height. Though in winter there is a lot of snow, organizers of Games decided to be insured from weather surprises. «This year we have already begun the first experiment: the snow mountain is filled up by sawdust. There are about 10 thousand cubes, but can be 40, and 50 thousand. It will be enough for all slopes, and it is possible to open a season the day we want», — the assistant to the general director of «Gazprom-Sotsinvest» Vladimir Makarenko explained. «The track is ready for competitions, as well as the road, lifts, — head of the Ministry of Sports Vitaly Mutko made comments the day before. — the main works are made. The unique problem was with snow: because of above-zero temperature it thawed. We could cancel the nearest starts — it is not a problem. But the Olympic Games can't be canceled». That is why the Russian part uses all world «snow» technologies. We have no experience of carrying out of large mountain skiing competitions, and it is a challenge for us", — Mutko was frank.