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9-10 (2011)
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«Preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi has entered its final phase in 2011, — the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev declared. — the project is superscale for our country: Olympic Games mean great volume of works, and there are difficult conditions. There are many problems, and all of them, naturally, should be solved».

The head of the state has recollected similar meetings of 2009-2010: «Then everything seemed an avalanche of problems which will never be solved. But, it appears, that when we want — we can… Every month, coming to Sochi, we pay attention to those visible changes, which are going on the main building of the country» Representatives of the International Olympic committee — are also frequent visitors of the capital of XXII winter Games, and after every new visit their responses about dynamics of building of sports and infrastructural objects — are more and more enthusiastic. After the next visit of Sochi in May, the chairman of the IOC Coordination commission Jean-Claude Killy declared, that rates of building — are «absolutely increduble»: «For the first time in history of the IOC Olympic Games were entrusted to the country, where 80% of infrastructure should have been created from point zero, and Russia has justified this trust» If to trust communiques, organizers of the Games-2014 really work wonders. According to vice-premier Dmitry Kozak, it is already finished about 70% of building work. «The program of actually physical works is done for 40%, and taking spadework into account, that is the works connected with designing, selection of the plots, siting of buildings, — for 70%», — the curator of the project has explained.

Activization of works hasn't affected the project budget. «Nothing has changed: the budget is still estimated at 195 billion roubles, about 90 billion roubles — money of the federal budget, the others — private investments», — vice-premier Alexander Zhukov has specified. However, realization of megaproject is not absolutely problemless.

In the beginning of spring there was a scandal about more than double overpricing for the building materials delivered in Sochi. For a year the price has risen from 360 to 800 roubles for ton at the average price about the country 250-400 roubles. «Whence these materials are delivered — from China»? — interested Dmitry Medvedev then. «They are brought from the neighbouring regions including Krasnodar region, — Konstantin Chuychenko answered, — but delivered by rather expensive way — by water or railway».

One more weak point of the project «Sochi 2014» — is pesonnel deficiency. According to the director of the city employment agency Elena Gryaznova, enterprises, building the Olympic objects, need more than 3000 experts, first of all — highly skilled workers. At present in a center database — there are about 25 thousand vacancies against 5-6 thousand in former years, and more than 70% of them — are for highly skilled workers. «We try to find these experts not only in Krasnodar region, but also in other regions», — Elena Gryaznova admitted.

Still is vital the problem of opposition of builders and ecologists. As appears from the report of the chief of Federal Service on Control in the Sphere of Nature Management department Vyacheslav Temnikov, 65 checks of 31 Olympic buildings were made in Southern federal district, in 2010. 59,3 million roubles were exacted from the organizations, making negative impact on environment in area of the Olympic building. 10,1 million roubles was the sum of the imposed administrative penalties, 6,6 million roubles were paid. There is a hope, that, gradually, the rate of penalties will decrease. Leading participants of the Olympic building have signed the Declaration on Restoration of Ecosystem of River Mzymta Basin, thereby having realized the recommendation of experts of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The declaration was signed by the representatives of «Olympstroy», «Russian Railways» Ltd, «Rosa Khutor» Ltd, «Krasnaya Polyana» Ltd, «Gazprom» Ltd, «Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System» Ltd and administration of Krasnodar region. During the season of 2010-2011 on a mounting skiing resort «Rosa Khutor» there were held the first test events — stages of the Cup of Russia and the Cup of Europe in mountain skiing. In 20122013 50 international and Russian events in all Olympic sports will take place. «Therefore, next year building of all sports objects both in coastal, and in mountain clusters should be finished, — Dmitry Kozak declared. Is will allow us to test our organization possibilities, to train volunteers who will take part in the Olympic Games».

Author: Nikita Logvinov