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9-10 (2011)
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The main sport objects builders in Sochi have been working hard for a long time, therefore these objects are now growing before our very eyes — some of them will have been handed over this year, the others — within 2012-2013 years. With the help of SC «Olympstroy» specialists, the «Reporter» made a preliminarily excursion along the Olympic Park and the neighborhood to find these prognosis feasibility affirmation.

Central stadium

 Theworks on setting the stadium fundamental slab are coming to the end. At the same time, the works on assembling of monolithic cast reinforced concrete constructions up to the mark of nine meters – the walls, columns and covering along the east and west sides of the stadium are conducted. The cement supplier to produce concrete for the stadium foundation became «Don Technical Company», the official dealer of the plant «Mordovcement» in the south of Russia. All in, all from the beginning of the year 2011, the company supplied more than fifty thousand tons of cement for the main Olympic objects in Sochi: for Big and Small ice arenas for ice-hockey, skating centre and the others. The stadium completion is planned for the year 2013.

Big ice arena for ice-hockey

 The technological slab equipment of the training arena for ice-hockey — one of the important elements needed for freezing and saving ice, has been started. The first the training arena area will be completed, after that — the main hockey field. The play and training ground of the Big ice arena are being built according to the European standards: thirty to sixty meters. Therefore, the Olympic grounds the hockey fields in Sochi will be four meters wider than it is assumed on the North American arenas built according to the NHL standards. The arena building will have been completed in 2012.

Arena for figure skating and short track competitions

The works on arena glazing have been started. The foreside will be made of aluminum and glass units, joints between them are to be covered horizontally by special pressing bar and vertically are sealed with mastic. In parallel, the building dome installation, consisting of central core and thirty six radial frameworks is being carried out. The concrete covering is being finished at level more than twenty meters, the height of building itself is thirty four meters. The works in setting external and internal stairs are being carried out. The arena will be finished in 2012.

Small ice area for ice hockey

The assembling of covering arena frameworks has started. Thirty four frameworks are have to be installed. But, first of all, the builders have to do pre-assembly works on the area. The assembling of steel construction covering works are planned to be finished in September 2011. The first storey floor concreting comes to end, sixty percent of the second floor coverings are carried out. The building had been projected as a three-floored construction. The arena is going to be handed over in August 2012. It ranks among objects,which construction means possible building dismantling in case of its relocation to another region.

Complex of -95 and -125 springboards

The main installation of springboards steel constructions has been started; foundations for their starting towers are ready-made. Moreover, the new sport constructions for training young sportsmen and a hotel will be built. One more object is a ski-roller track. Its start-finish zone will be combined with that of outrun zone during pre-Olympic and Olympic competitions. The springboards should have been handed over in operation by the end of 2011. The first testing competitions on the springboards will be held in February 2012. Bobsleigh-tobogganing track. The construction of track reinforced concrete basement is in progress, the territory engineering protection is being carried on. The experimental twelve-meter long track area, which was highly evaluated by the International Commission experts has been already installed. Within the upper zone of the sport complex at mark eight hundred thirty six meters above sea level bobsleigh and tobogganing start-off building for male athletes is being constructed. There will be constructed the building for tobogganing and two-person bobs for female at mark eight hundred thirty meters above sea level. The specialists also began to set up piled foundation of the track cooling station. The main construction and installation works on the track should have been done yet in 2011. The testing races will be held here early in 2012 and in 2014 the obj ect will place nine thousand spectators -the guests of the Olympic Games.

«Inzhtransstroy Corporation» builds the Olympic track for biathlonists

«InzhtransStroy Corporation», as the main contractor, will carry out engineering-geological researches, working out of the project, working documentation and will construct a track for biathlon. Building is being developed at height about 700 meters above sea level. Width of the track — 9 metrs. Taking into account features of the landscape, where landslips and mud flows are possible, Strengthening of hillsides by erection of 10 retaining walls, in total amount of 18 600 cubic meter of concrete, is provided. It is laid not only a track, but also an access road to a place of competitions for which, acoording to preliminary design Studies, 2 bridges, 6 water pipes will be built. Ten more temporary constructions are also planned to erect: locker rooms and premises for judges, attendants, journalists, points of health services, catering. Platforms for motor transport, equipment and snow Storage in a case of whims of the Black Sea winter are provided. Object delivery under the project is appointed to December, 31st

Author: Kirill Vlasenko