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There wont be lamentations of Jaroslavs daughter

9-10 (2011)
Viewed: 1918

'If earlier not all politicians, officials, sports functionaries, the international observers, branch experts were optimistical in the estimations of a course of preparation for the Olympic Games-2014, today their comments are deprived with rare exception a subjunctive mood. In forecasts concerning the present and the future Sochi vital lines of the singer of proletarian revolution Vladimir Mayakovsky are discerned:I know — the city will be, I know — a garden will bloom!

“A good snow ball”

Vladimir Putin, the prime minister of the Russian Federation:

— There won't be lamentations of Jaroslav's daughter during performance of our team in Sochi. Three teams are formed in each sport: the main, backup and youth. The centers for Olympians' preparation are being constructed across all Russia: in Altai, and in Siberia, in Ural Mountains, and in the Far East, and in Caucasus. I hope, building will grow like a snow ball.

“The level of readiness is great”

Svetlana Zhurova, the vice-speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation:

— Members of EuroParliament who are included into the commission of cooperation of EU and Russia visited Sochi. They visited mountain and coastal clusters, got acquainted with building of the Big Ice Arena, the combined highway Adler — Krasnaya Polyana, and other objects. They were convinced that level of readiness of our country to the Olympic Games is great.

“We need the exchange of knowledge”

Alexander Zhukov, the president of the Olympic committee of Russia:

— National Olympic committees of Russia, the CIS countries, Baltic and the Eastern Europe have signed memorandums of interaction in the field of sports. These states are holding in new decade global tournaments: the Asian Games-2011, the European football championship-2012, Student Games-2013, Olympic Games-2014 and the World football championship-2018.

“It's time to unite efforts”

Rustam Minnikhanov, the president of Tatarstan:

— Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» and Republic Tatarstan have entered into the agreement on interaction within the limits of preparation and carrying out of the Student Games-2013 in Kazan and the Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi. It is a symbolic step to sports development in Russia. Sochi and Kazan have passed already big way of preparation for competition, it has come time to unite efforts of our cities.

“A role of tunnel building is great”

Andrey Nedosekov, the deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation:

— Transport infrastructure — is one of key factors of successful carrying out of the Olympic Games in Sochi and economic development of all southern region. During preparation for the Games the best Russian tunnel builders are erecting 20 tunnel complexes, more than 40 kilometers of tunnels will pass underground. The role of tunnel building seriously increases at traffic jams, when ability of movement comes nearer to zero.

“Ecological conflicts are typical”

Theodore Oben, the head of the UNEP mission:

— We were impressed by the volume of the compensatory actions which are carried out on sites of the Olympic building in Sochi. Abundantly clear, that the conflicts arising between ecologists and the building companies round a theme of preservation of environment in capital of the Olympic Games-2014 are absolutely typical and have identical scenarios in all regions of the world. The benefit of UNEP presence in Sochi is in uniting the parties.

“The result does not depend on forecasts”

Georgy Bedzhamov, the president of Bobsled and Sleleton Federation of Russia:

— Building of bobsleigh track, one of the key Olympic objects, is planned to be finished in the beginning of 2012. Track certification is planned for February of the next year, in March the first test events will pass there. Now it is important for us, that builders meet the time-limit. The result in Sochi will depend on work of sportsmen and trainers, but not on forecasts.

“The Olympic Games — is the powerful factor”

Yury Reylyan, the deputy minister of regional development of the Russian Federation:

— The Olympic Games in Sochi are the image of the country, new administrative personnel, new technologies, new knowledge. Carrying out of the Games will raise quality of living in region, become an example for development of other cities. And also will serve as the powerful factor, stimulating patriotic feelings of the population of Russia.

“A good stimulus for militia”

Mikhail Sukhodolsky, the first deputy of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation:

— Scale of forthcoming events within the framework of the Olympic Games, certainly, predetermines special character of preparation for law and order and safety maintenance. For today we have defined the budget of safety of the Games, the minimum requirements for divisions, which are planned to be used in competitions.

“To break language barrier”

Philip Hult, the general director of EF company:

— We are proud, that our company is chosen by the official supplier of XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi in a category «Studying foreign language» EF company and the Olympic movement were always solidary in aspiration to overcome barriers between people and to develop cultural exchange between the people. Russia shows sincere aspiration to study English language, and we are happy to help it to prepare for this important sports event.

“Hotels will become much cheaper”

Vadim Zelensky, the chairman of Business Tourism Association of Russia:

— After the end of building, Sochi becomes a unique resort in Russia by number of halls, sports objects and hotels. It can be compared only with Kazan, where there are a lot of constructions for The Student Games-2013. Because of plenty of hotel rooms, the price for them after the Olympic Games will be much cheaper.

“The real estate in Sochi is prestigious”

Elena Yurgeneva, the director of elite real estate department of Knight Frank company:

— Recently, we have a lot of clients who used to buy real estate only abroad,

and they ask what is happening in Sochi. Now they are interested in mountainous part of the resort, instead of the coastal part of Sochi. First of all growing popularity of a city can be explained by good PR-campaign.