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The budget gives the budget takes

9-10 (2011)
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If somewhere is a decrease, somewhere — by all means, will be an increase. The federal budget and private investors plan to spend 195 billion roubles for organization of the Olympic Games-2014. Thus, the marketing program has already brought to Organizing committee more than 30 billion roubles, and about 15 billion roubles can make sales volumes of the licensed production, which was prodeced for the Games. As the works on the Olympic objects are coming to an end, the expenses on the project are decreasing, whereas the incomes grow. Actually, that is how it should be.

Olympic Babylon

29% of works are planned to be finished in 2011 according to the program of the Olympic building in Sochi.

70% of the works connected with preparation for building of objects of the Olympic Games, are already made.

90 billion roubles will be allocated from the federal budget for building of the Olympic objects at the total budget 195 billion roubles.

60 000 people will be involved in building of the Olympic Games infrastructural objects this year.

25 000 vacancies are in the Sochi Center of employment database now.

717 employees of security enterprise «Olympus» &and guard over the Olympic objects.

Don't do much harm!

69 building organizations working in Sochi, make calculations and pay for negative influence on the nature.

59 300 000 rubles were exacted last year by The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation from the building organizations for the harm done to environment at erection of the Olympic objects.

4 Olympic Games objects will work using the electric power got from solar batteries and solar panels.

25%— is the power consumption on the certificated real estate objects, which are constructed in Sochi.

60 000 of new trees will be planted builders of the Olympic objects within the next two-three years as compensation for the green plantings damaged during the works.

30-times better will be the quality of sewage, due to new treatment facilities in Adler.

A clever tongue will take you anywhere

700 000 000 000 roubles have been attracted by Sochi powers since 2007 thanks to preparation for the Olympic Games.

60 000 000 000 roubles has reached the annual volume of private investments into sanatorium branch of the Olympic capital.

100 000 places for accomodation of tourists will be ready to the Olympic Games.

52 000 persons will be required for service and operation of new hotels, engineering and infrastructural objects in Sochi.

3000 of volunteers, who have passed training practice for the Olympic Games, will speakforeign language and make a bed in six different ways.

15% from total of the of Sochi plots, which can be rented, are now in rent at foreign legal bodies.

More than one could ever draw

100 building companies of Krasnodar region are involved today in the program of the Olympic building.

36 000 000 000  roubles Kuban powers plan to allocate from the regional budget for the erection of the Olympic objects in 2011.

10 000 000 000  roubles — the income, which the regional budget expects to get this year from the Olympic building.

1 500 000 000  roubles deputies of regional Legislative Assembly have additionally allocated for development of Sochi engineering and transport infrastructure.

116 events worth of 83,8 billion roubles includes the second stage of the target program «Providing of building of the Olympic objects and development of the city of Sochi as mountainous and balneal resort», meant for the period till 2013.

26 400 000 000 roubles will allocate the Kuban budget for building of the Olympic objects till 2013.

All so goody-goody

1 000 000 000 dollars has already attracted Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» within the framework of realization of the marketing program.

31 500 000 000 roubles cosled «Gazprom» building of gas pipeline Dzhubga — Lazarevskoye — Sochi.

1 000 000 000  roubles invests macroregional branch «Roslelecom-Yug» in development of Sochi telecommunication infrastructure during preparation for the Olympic Games.

470 000 000 roubles have made the investments of «Russian Railways» in realization of the project «Organization of railway communication Sochi — Adler — the airport of Sochi» for four months this year.

3 900 000 000 troubles the «Basel» company can earn on turning of cargo area of Sochi Imeretinsky port into marine.

1 000 000  credit cards with a talisman «Soch-2014» — the White Bear Sberbank of Russia and Visa company are going to release.

The Olympic production was drawn

4 000 000 000  dollars has reached volume of the market of sports goods and services in Russia by the present moment.

500 000 000 dollars can make up the sales volumes of the licensed production, which was produced in Russia to the Olympic Games.

5 000  items of Olympic production will be released by 2014.

2 500  stamps «Sochi-2014» were sold in the first day after their presentation and cancellation ceremony.

36 700 000 pieces will make total circulation of the memorable and investment coins, released within the framework of the Monetary program «Sochi-2014» till 2013.

26 000 goods with illegal Olympic symbolics were detained by customs officers of Southern and North Caucasian districts last year.