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Aliens won't win the Olympic Games

9-10 (2011)
Viewed: 1809

If the program of development of physical culture and sports in Russia is actively realized, we will speak about absolutely different results on the Olympic Games by 2015, promises the head of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko.

European model of financing of sports is more suitable for Russia

— There was taken the decision at the state level, that sports in Russia will become independent branch and will get a separate line in the federal budget. Earlier the certain sum was specified and it was difficult to see where did it go. Now everyone can make it — it is enough to take the calculator and to divide the sum of expenses for the number of citizens. There are two models of financing of physical training and sports — American and European.

The American model made on the basis of investments of private business and physical persons, — does not suit Russia. In the USA all investments of private business are protected and supported by corresponding tax laws. The system works so well, that the investor is practically released from taxes. The European model, where the state attracts 40-60% of investments from private business, is more suitable for Russian conditions. The state will invest base money, and other investments will be attracted through our public organizations — ROC, sports federations.

Every region should concentrate on «its own» kinds of sports

— Two years ago Federal Traget Program «Physical training and sports Development in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015» was realized in 30 regions, and now — in 77. Thus, in Bashkiria and Mordovia about 30% of inhabitants go in for sports, that's why at the European track and field athletics championship Mordovian sportsmen took all four medals. And in Ivanovo — only 12%. If it goes on, we will exclude some regions from FTP. Mass sports should supply country with sportsmen, who will protect its honor at the international competitions. Every region should concentrate on «its own» kinds of sports, but at the same time try to develop secondary.