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The territory of sports

9-10 (2011)
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Recently, serious growth is observed in sphere of mass sports and sports of high achievements on Don, the minister of physical training and sports of the Rostov region Valery Vakula has told.

— Having added to the armoury the slogan «Rostov region is the territory of sports», the regional administration helps sports development on Don in every possible way. Assignments for physical training and sports from regional and local budgets have sharply increased. Thus, the expenses of the regional budget have grown for 30%. Last year total number of sport constructions in the region increased for 157 units. The number of athletes has increased for 72 thousand persons, according to the results of the last year their number is 970 thousand. According to the statistics, almost every fourth resident of the Rostov region (22,9%) regularly goes in for sports against average Russian indicator of 20%. For the last three years 14 sports constructions are build, reconstructed and put into operation on Don. The outdoor swimming pool is erected in the Azov region, a gym with the indoor pool — in Bagaevsky region and in Shakhty, the sports center with universal playing hall — in Kasharsky area and in the city of Salsk. At last there was build Southern tribune of «Olymp-2» stadium in Rostov. We have just put into operation fine sports complex with swimming pool in Krasny Sulin. In some areas of the region cheap gyms began to work… It is necessary to finish works on socially significant objects of the region with capital investments of 273 million roubles. They are Western tribune complex of the «Olymp-2» stadium, where the sports complex «Leader», «Coral» pool, sports and fitness complex will be situated in Rostov, the Palace of sports in Taganrog. It is also necessary to finish preparation of the project documentation for building of sports-entertainment complex with 8 thousand seats for spectators in the Don capital. The question about building of a track and field athletics arena at «Trud» stadium in Rostov is now discussed with investors. Work with investors should attract more than 800 million roubles for building of five objects. However, we aren't too hopeful. We have a lot of incomplete objects. All of them should be handed over during the current year.