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The Olympiad is flying into the sky or How to see the Games in The Heavenly Empire and try to organize better

2 (2008)
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IOC President Jacques Rogge: «The Olympiad displayed its outstanding potential in China» — I would like to underline two characteristic features of the XXIX Summer Olympic Games — the record number of participating countries and the sportswomen — representatives of the fair sex.

Teams of 201 countries took part in the Athens Olympic Games, in Beijing 205 countries were represented; during these games the ratio of women was 41% of total amount of sportsmen, now — 45%. The present Olympiad became another step for achievement of our goal — universalization and fair play.

It showed great heritage of China, as well as the outstanding potential and changes in this country. The changes, which occur in The Heavenly Empire, are the consequence of changes in the rest of the world. Before the beginning of competitions I was sure in successful performance of the Chinese national team. It had an advantage over other teams. The nation, population of which is more than billion people, has a possibility to choose Olympians from great amount of sportsmen.

Besides, economic development allows the government to finance sports institutions and expand the Olympic movement in the country. London has to endeavor best efforts in order to organize a similar colorful Olympiad in the year 2012.