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To maintain reputation

9-10 (2011)
Viewed: 1806

The presentation and ceremony of memorable cancellation of the post block with stamps «Sochi — is the capital of XXII Olympic Winter Games-2014» took place.

«The first extinguished Olympic stamps will be included into number of exhibits of the Sochi museum of sports glory», — the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov has promised. They also will go to the Olympic museum in Lausanne, having, according to the experts, the fullest collection of historical Olympic stamps from every corner of the world.

On the post block there are represented the official emblem of the Games against snow-covered slopes of mountains of Krasnaya Polyana and the stylized torch with the tapes painted in the Olympic colors. The circulation of the post block has made 120 thousand pieces and will be distributed through post offices all over Russia. In total to the Games there will be released four post blocks, 45 different stamps, maximum cards and postcards, and also the sets of all stamps in art cover. Winter sports, the Olympic sports objects, sites of Krasnodar region are used for plots. «Stamps and envelopes — are the best way to immortalize the Olympic winter Games-2014. They become»business card" of Sochi Games abroad and will promote attraction of interest to Russia and Russian sports", — general director of «Mail of Russia» Alexander Kiselyov hopes.