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Example for imitation

9-10 (2011)
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 OAO «Evraziysky» is the first business structure in Russia, which have become the partner of the Sochi Volunteer Development Center.

On May, 14th solemn opening of the Sochi Volunteer Development Center took place. According to the demand of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014», it will prepare 3,5 thousand volunteers for service of visitors of the first White Olympic Games in modern history of Russia. Among the guests of honor of the Center opening ceremony there were representatives of OAO «Evraziysky» — the leading Russian company in sphere of water supply and sewerage. Some years ago «Evraziysky» became the strategic partner of the Vodokanal in Rostov-on-Don.

Multi-billion investments, modern technologies and effective management, introduced by «Evraziysky», allowed to turn it into one of the most successful enterprises of branch.

It was assignable, that OAO «Evraziysky» became the first business partner of the Sochi Volunteer Development Center. «We expect, that other business structures, supporting socially significant projects, will also come to us after OAO»Evraziysky'. Volunteer development is important not only for Sochi, but also for all country", — has noted Irina Romanets, the assistant to the mayor. According to Alexander Lesenko, the director of «SochiVodokanal» branch OOO «Yugvodokanal», which are managed by OAO «Evraziysky», company management attaches great importance to the support of the initiatives spent in the Olympic capital. «Our joint projects with the Center are aimed at the popularization of volunteer movement, healthy way of life, careful treatment of environment and natural resources. I am sure, they will become the contribution to the future of Sochi residents, their health and quality of life», — Alexander Lesenko has declared.

Initial in realization of the ecological project became the cleaning day on the Main water intake. In their day off, workers of «SochiVodokanal» together with volunteers cleared more than 700 sq. meters of water intake territory of weed plants, and planted some tens of fruit trees. «Volunteer movement should become not only project, but the real tradition for all Russian community», — the general director of OAO «Evraziysky» Evgeny Kozmin is convinced.

Author: Kirill Vlasenko