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Full drive

¹ 11-12 (2011)
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Four years have passed since Sochi won in competition for the right to spend Winter Games-2014.

Within the limits of traditional festival «Sochi — YES!», which was held in a city-resort, more than 50 persons organized a flash mob, by making a «live» inscription «Sochi — YES!» measuring twenty five by five meters, and Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» declared progress in four key elements of a heritage of the Games, reached for four years.

Environment without barriers

All sports objects, roads, infrastructure in Sochi are constructed taking into account people with disability. In the end of May, 2011, the innovative project «Accessibility Map» started. Its main purpose — to help disabled people to find «near by» places, where they could go in for Paralympic kinds of sports. Green standards. Strict compliance with them will allow to protect the unique nature of Sochi during preparation for the Games.

Volunteer movement

On the basis of 26 high schools and country educational institutions there are created 26 volunteer centers, which already now become the basis of voluntary activity, having perfectly proved themselves during celebrating of 1000 days before the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Consolidation of the nation under the guise of the Olympic values

Millions of people in all Russia bring their contribution to preparation of the Games in Sochi. So, during the All-Russia competition of talismans for the Olympic Games, Organizing committee got more than 24 thousand works, and more than 1,5 million people took part in total voting on the First channel.

Author: Sergey Derkunov