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If paradise exists

¹ 11-12 (2011)
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In the middle of September the International Investment Forum is traditionally held in Sochi. Present forum is anniversary, the tenth, therefore its participants would like to sum up investment processes in the south of the country, first of all — on Kuban, which positions itself as investment capital of SFD: «If paradise exists, it is Krasnodar territory».

Confidence of the owners of XXII White Olympic Games is strengthened by the position of IOC inspectors, whoes responses become more and more enthusiastic with every new visit. It seems, that Russians, indeed, could impress the international public by scale and speed of works on the main building of the country. I would like to believe, they will also impress by quality. «Athletes will be impressed» During the last visit to Sochi in August, the representatives of IOC estimated the rates of works on finishing of a facade glazing of the Ice Palace for figure skating and short-track, and also took part in installation of the first double-glazed window of the Big Ice Arena for ice hockey.

According to «Olympstroy», the second of these objects has practically got its final shape. In the autumn of 2012 the first test competitions will be held on the Big Ice Arena. The IOC delegation has also examined the Center of Luge sports, mountain Olympic village, snowboard-park and the freestyle-center, a complex for ski jumps." Within two days in Sochi, we have seen considerable progress in building of the Olympic objects, — the head of the IOC Coordination commission Jean-Claude Killi gives generous praise. — Therefore, I am sure, that athletes who will come here to forthcoming test competitions and to the Games, will be impressed by level of preparation of sports constructions". «You still don't understand» The closer the Games are, the more high-ranking visitors express desire to see the Sochi wonderful building with their own eyes. Their responses are also rather positive and emotional. The president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich admitted that he was shoked by scales of works in Sochi. «My experts and I examined constructed objects with huge interest, we got acquainted with approaches to the decision of infrastructural and other questions, — he shared. — This experience is very precious to us. I think, that you still don't understand, how much the Olympic project means for region development».

And according to his royal highness, crown prince of Denmark, Frederik, process of preparation for the Games is «an important task, which demands maximum level of efficiency and unity from all involved parties». «And I am impressed by Organizing committee »Sochi-2014" achievements", — he admitted. «I am sure, we will manage!» It is clear that for the Russian side such praises are the balm to the soul. However, judging by their mood, they were sure from the very beginning: there could be no other estimations.

Vice-premier Dmitry Kozak has told that, for example, the complex of ski jumps, erected near the settlement Esto-Sadok, should be ready by the end of current year. This year works on the ski-biathlon complex consisting of two separate stadiums with zones of start and finish, systems of cross-country skiing and biathlon tracks, shooting range will come to the end. And erection of the biathlon stadium is already finished, builders have started interior finish and installation of tribunes. Tracks are already laid and coordinated with the IOC.

«We have to construct many difficult objects. I am, we will manage!», — Dmitry Medvedev summarized in his microblog in Twitter.

Dmitry Kozak insists, that difficult problems on preparation for the Games, concerning designing and allocation of the grounds, are solved. «This winter in mountain cluster there should be held almost full-flrdged Olympic Games — 19 test competitions in nine disciplines, and we will be ready for them», — the vice-premier reported.

Author: Nikita Logvinov