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¹ 11-12 (2011)
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«Reporter» continues to trace the dynamics of building of key Olympic objects for the Sochi Games.

The central stadium

These days, at the Central stadium, where the ceremonies of opening and closing of the Games of 2014 will take place, there are conducted works on concreting of walls, columns and floors above a mark of 9 meters. At the same time, temporary metal constructions of support for installation of a large-span covering of a stadium shed are mounted. Object is planned to be put in operation in 2013.

The big ice arena for ice hockey

The main works on the training field are finished. Concreting of a 140 mm cooling plate became a final stage. Concreting process went continuously within 16 hours. 270 cubic meters of concrete of the raised water resistance were laid. The object is planned to be put in operation in 2012.

The covered skating center

Roofing works are conducted. First of all, building with the area of 43 thousand sq. meters will be covered with metal. At the same time, internal partitions and walls of premises of the center are mounted, and future ice field is sanded and graveled. Builders are also mounting communication networks. The center is planned to be put in operation in autumn of 2012.

Ice arena for curling

Installation of dismountable metal structure of arena is finished. Less than for seven months builders have mounted a structure weighing 1161 tons. Roofing is now conducted. The arena will be put in operation in 2012.

The main media center

The construction of the ground floor of the media center comes to the end. Columns and ground floor walls are practically ready. Under the building there is 1 meter  ferro-concrete plate, which will provide the seismic safety up to 9 points. Media center building is supposed to be finished in 2013.

Combination of traditional and uncommon

«Olympstroy» began the consideration of sketches of art objects for the Olympic park in Sochi. Russian and foreign designers, sculptors, artists are invited to take part in this process. Impressive art objects will help to create beautiful and comfortable environment and will make park attractive both for visitors of the city-resort, and for its inhabitants.

«We plan to place both traditional sculpture, and uncommon art objects in the Olympic park, — the main architect of»Olympstroy" Oleg Kharchenko has explained. — They are various spatial compositions, which can change their form, color and texture with the use of a strength of wind, water, modern technologies in the field of light engineering, optics and electronics".

Author: Kirill Vlasenko