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The results of the Chinese in Beijing were impressive. But they will certainly be much more impressive in the future

2 (2008)
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According to the declarations of the sport authorities, the Russian combined team intended to take the first place in Beijing, but took only the third one. Chinese were ahead, and as many experts admit, they deserved that leadership. What is the secret of such a brilliant performance of the Chinese representatives? What can they teach other countries including Russia which will be the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics?

«Only The Chinese themselves know the secret»

Georgy Bryusov, the Vicepresident of the European Wrestling Federation, the executive director of FUWR:

— We can point out the factors due to which for the first time in their history the Chinese have won that medal contest. Firstly, they have a state program of the sport development as the effective means of physical and patriotic upbringing of youth and promoting the image of the country abroad. Secondly, there is a distinct organization and centralized management in the sport department. Thirdly, adequate financing is provided. Fourthly, Chinese realize a scientific and innovational approach to planning and carrying out the process of training. Then they develop their own medical service and anti-doping measures. The country was the host of the Games, so that might be one of the reasons of the success. And the last but not the least, the Chinese were provided with the support of the IOC.

«They know their job well»

David Rigert, the chief coach of the Russian weight-lifting combined team:

— The Chinese follow the way that was gone through and forgotten by the Russians. They have very serious training, several scientific research institutes work for the sport industry. I think the scene will be preserved at the next Olympics — China will prevail within small weights. We have no decent competitors on this stage. Our kids just have no chance to go up to the weightlifting as they are distracted by our colleges from rowing, gymnastics branches or some others.

«Chinese sportsmen are very disciplined»

Andrei Antropov, the champion of the USSR, the participant of the Olympic Games in Barselona (1992) and Atlanta (1996), the Vice-president of the National Badminton Federation:

— Firstly, Chinese have colossal human resources. Secondly, they can keep their secrets and get maximum amount of information of the data they have. Thirdly, they are very disciplined. I know the coach who works in China. He told me this story. During one training set he was called to the phone. He gave the task to his students and when he came back in 20 minutes, he was in some kind of shock: they were doing the jumps he had told them to do and stopped only after his order.

«They have been well incited psychologically»

Nickolai Durmanov, the head of the anti-doping inspection of the Russian Olympic Committee:

— Chinese success can have strategic and tactic explanation. As for the strategy, China is a country that has the greatest amount of sportsmen — amateur and professional. It is a country which has a great number of up-to-date sporting equipment and constructions and where sport is a priority of the state development. From the point of view of tactics, Chinese sportsmen looked well-motivated psychologically. The specialists say that on the first day of the Games the Chinese sportsmen “shot” ours with some psychological pressure.

«China adopts methods of the leading countries»

Irina Mamontova, the Vicepresident of the Russian Horse Sport Federation:

— Chinese successful performance in the Olympics of 2008 can be explained by great attention to sport paid by the state, mass interest to going in for sports, a significant number of youth sporting schools, youth patriotic upbringing and material stimulation of the sportsmen who achieved good results, the wish of the coaches and sportsmen to learn and develop, and the successful work of scientific groups.

«It is a very hard-working nation»

Gennady Shvets, the head of PR-service of the Russian Olympic Committee:

— It can not be excluded that Chinese use some pharmaceutical means that are not in the list of prohibited ones. Maybe they use some remedies of their oriental medicine or innovative drugs. The Chinese combined team was the first in the medal contest due to its numerous human resources. They have people to choose from — their population is about 1.5 billion people. No other country was preparing the way China was doing it: training camps and bases where the sportsmen lived the life of the army servicemen. If it goes on like this, Chinese will be able to win even more medals in the Olympics of 2012 in London than they had in Beijing.