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A loss will be followed by a profit

¹ 11-12 (2011)
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In spite of the fact, that the Olympic building has entered the final stage, expenses continue to grow. Luckily, the dividends from the project grow simultaneously.

304 billion roubles — the sum of state property dues, which Ministry of the Regional Development suggested government to pay to the «Olympstroy». Till now the sum was 143,6 billion roubles. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance have calmed, having specified the technical character of a question — change of a code of budgetary classification: «Now the article»Property payment" includes the means allocated to the Ministry of the Regional Development for the events, provided by preparation for the Olympic Games, but not included in federal target or government programs".

83,8 billion roubles is the cost of the second stage of the regional target program «Building of the Olympic objects and development of the city of Sochi as mountainous and health resort».

The second stage of the program is meant for2011-2013 and includes 116 events. The total sum of financing of the program in 2008-2013 makes 114,7 billion roubles.

10 billion roubles expects to get the budget of Krasnodar territory from the Olympic building in 2011.

«These are additional incomes of the budget, which will work for regional economy, for people interests, for increase of life standard», — the governor of Kuban Alexander Tkachev has emphasized.

217,5 billion roubles was the sum of investments into fixed capital in Sochi in 2010. According to the chief of legal department of the Sochi administration Alexey Schedrin, the Olympic capital remains attractive to investors, and local authorities create favorable conditions for their activity. «The administration of Sochi has taken correct objectively-loyal stand in this question: we give the land to the foreign companies in rent for 49 years», — Schedrin has noted.

Author: Sergey Derkunov