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Ability to win

¹ 11-12 (2011)
Viewed: 1987

ZAO «Kavkazcement» breaks new records. 6,7% — is factory share in the cement market of the country.

Demand scale. Estimating the work of the leading largest cement factory «Kavkazcement» in the south of the country, it is possible to contend, that there is building boom not only in NCFD, but also in the neigbouring regions. So, in May of this year, cement workers from Ust-Dzheguta have produced 285 thousand tons of cement instead of the planned 275 thousand for the first time for all history. However, as it appeared, it is far not a limit of the enterprise potential — in June the production volume has made 297, 6 thousand tons instead of the planned 282 thousand.

Is not a single victory, — the general director of «Kavkazcement» Magomed Abdurakhmanov tells. It is the system work, leading to such impressive achievements as a result. Highly professional team works at the factory, and everyone makes his contribution to the total result. Social specificity of «Kavkazcement» was noticed also by the head of Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Rashid Temrezov, during his recent visit to the factory, he emphasized, that social responsibility of the factory applies not only to team. After all, ZAO «Kavkazcement» feeds the republic with great tax contribution, considering features of production, supports accompanying branches, and, that is very important, carries on acts of charity. Rashid Temrezov, in particular, has expressed the big gratitude to the management of «EUROCEMENT group»,

which made the decision to build modern Palace of sports in Karachay-Cherkess Republic together with the government of republic.

— We intend to exceed the plan of July for 300 thousand tons, — tells Magomed Abdurakhmanov, — and it will become the unprecedented event in the history of the factory.

ZAO «Kavkazcement» is included into holding «EUROCEMENT group» — the recognized leader of the Russian manufacture of building materials. «Kavkazcement» production is highly claimed in NCFD, on the Olympic buildings in Krasnodar territory, in the Rostov region and other regions.