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Armstrong ceilings for sports constructions: beauty, comfort and safety

¹ 11-12 (2011)
Viewed: 1964

Armstrong company false ceilings have already become the quality and comfort standard all over the world. They are used in office, trading and administrative centers, educational and medical institutions, sports constructions. Most vivid examples of use of Armstrong false ceilings in sports constructions are the main Sports Arena of summer Olympic Games-2008 — the Beijing National Stadium and the National Aquatic Center in Beijing — the «Water Cube». Total area of covering of the Beijing Olympic sports objects with Armstrong production has made 140 600 sq. meters.

Armstrong production have gained special popularity in Russia for the last years. The company already has considerable experience of equipping domestic sports constructions with false ceilings — from the small fitness centers and school sports halls to stadiums and the Olympic objects. In particular, ceiling plate Dune was chosen for Kadyrov Sport Center in Grozny.

The main things that Armstrong false ceilings allow to reach in sports constructions, is visual appeal, comfort and safety.

Visual appeal

Since 2011 Armstrong develops a new direction in its activity — «Ceilings Workshop», where the company gives custom-made non-standard ceiling decisions for clients and embodies the most courageous architectural ideas. Olympic «coin box» of Armstrong orders has recently replenished with object in Sochi — in premises of the biathlon stadium, which is a part of the ski-biathlon complex, erected in a mountainous Olympic cluster, there are mounted 8 500 sq. meters of Armstrong false ceiling plates. The company used last specialized products for the equipment of this unique sports construction. In different zones of stadium various kinds of ceilings from mineral fibre and metal were used. So, in offices and lift halls there were mounted Dune Supreme plates made from mineral fibre, which has not only useful functional properties: good sound absorption and sound insulation, high moisture resistance, durability, but also create laconic interior design.


Thanks to special «sound-absorbing» materials, structure (perforation) and the form of a false plate, such constant irritants in sports hall as ball rebound, the clang of training apparatus, noise of fans, will be less noticeable. And, consequently, high fatigability both of sportsmen, trainers and fans will disappear. A good sound absorption and sound insulation are provided with false plates from mineral fibre Ultima and Dune, and also metal Orcal and Cellio. Sound strengthening can be achieve by installation of convex false panels Optima Canopy, for example, over a judicial or trainer's zone.


Armstrong false ceilings fire safety consists in fire resistance and non-toxic materials. So, false systems Armstrong (Prelude, Javelin, etc.) are capable to constrain distribution of fire and give extra time for people evacuation up to 60 and even 90 minutes. The other prominent aspect of safety is hygiene. So, false plates Bioguard and Bioguard Acoustic have a special covering, which interferes with growth and distribution of bacteria. Such plates can be washed and disinfected.