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The Kuban Baden-Baden

¹ 11-12 (2011)
Viewed: 1914

The city-resort Goryachy Kluch in Krasnodar territory can compete with German Baden-Baden for its curative mineral sources, unique climate and pollution-free air.

People from different regions of Russia come to take treatment and have a rest in local sanatoria. The resort has overcome a lath of provincial small town, having kept thus originality and solicitous attitude to surrounding natural monuments.

Therefore all new that is constructed in Goryachy Kluch today, should not disturb the main mission of a city: to be an attractive place for treatment of vacationers and convenient for local residents. According to the head of city administration Nikolay Shvartsman, Goryachy Kluch actively takes part in 19 programs of development of territory of the federal and regional level, which realization is carried out on conditions of co-financing.

The Sochi Olympic Games and scale building of sports objects on Kuban haven't evaded Goryachy Kluch also. By the end of the year the Ice Palace of Sports will be put into operation, it will become the sixth in region. Now the works are going at full speed, Nikolay Shvartsman keeps special control of building.

Close to ice arena the open swimming pool, which designing is at an final stage, will be constructed. Delivery term — 2012. Representatives of a football team «Krasnodar» have suggested to open the school of training of worthy substitute for present players. The mayor has supported the offer, and in the nearest future, on a place of the deserted stadium, the covered football arena will be built. Thus, the ice arena will unite at once some objects in a modern sports complex. «This year we will approve the new general plan, — Nikolay Shvartsman speaks. — Goryachy Kluch will expand the borders, in new buildings there will appear multi-storeyed apartment houses. But the city center, its old microdistricts will still remain low-rise. We will keep its architectural style, which was created together with the oldest building company»Terem": every second object in a city is constructed by this authoritative team, which takes active part in the Olympic building today".