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The second life

¹ 11-12 (2011)
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Four dismountable objects, which are being constructed for the Games-2014, have got their Postolympic owners. Lucky regions are already countint dividends from arenas carried to them — considerable growth of popularity of winter sports and training of new champions.

The decision about building of part of sports objects using the technologies of dismountable design, made in 2009, was dictated by the results of calculations of efficiency of their use after the Games-2014. After acquaintance with these calculations, it was decided, that erected arenas are superfluous for Sochi and Krasnodar territory.

Small Ice Arena for ice hockey, Ice Arena for curling, two training arenas for hockey and figure skating were decided to be dismantled and transported outside Kuban after 2014. The Olympic batons will be transferred to Stavropol territory, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, the Rostov and Astrakhan regions.

Training arena for hockey — Astrakhan

Use on the Olympic Games: trainings on figure skating, short-track, hockey. Use after the Olympic Games: the Ice Palace of Sports. Seating capacity: 500 seats. Beginning of use: 2012.

Aliya Morikova, the expert of the Ministry of Sports of the Astrakhan region: «There is already a queue to hockey and figure skating schools» — Last year we have learned, that there is great probability of carrying over of one of the Olympic objects to Astrakhan. Now we are working out different variants of «placing» of ice arena — it is possible to place it both in a dormitory district, and in sports town «Zvyozdny». One of the main conditions of getting of ice arena was the absence of grants — the region should completely bear the object maintenance expenses. We are all right with it. Since 2014 there are provided wage rates for trainers on figure skating and hockey in a new Palace of Sports. In a year-two after the Olympic Games, thousands of children will go in for winter sports in Astrakhan.

Ice arena for curling — Rostov-on-Don

Use on the Olympic Games: competitions on curling. Use after the Olympic Games: playing curling. Seating capacity: 3 000 seats. Beginning of use: 2012.

Valery Vakula, the Minister of Physical Training and Sports of the Rostov region: «We would do with a heritage better, than Greeks».

— Now on the agenda — selection of ground with consideration of arena parameters, and also getting of specifications on its joining to engineering communications. Probable place of putting of object is the new residential area Leventsovka. For Rostov-on-Don it is very important, that our arena for curling will become one of the best objects for this sport in Europe. It will allow to organize leisure time of the population, prepare sportsmen of high level, carry out large competitions, raise prestige of the city and earn money.

Ice Palace of Sports for figure seating — Stavropol

Use on the Olympic Games: figure skating, short-track

Use after the Olympic Games: the Ice Palace of Sports. Seating capacity: 12 000 seats. Beginning of use: 2011.

Antonina Verbina, the adviser of Department of Target Programs and Sports Constructions of Sports Committee of Stavropol territory: «We will train champions for Russia» — The right to use the Ice Palace with two arenas for figure skating and short-track after the Olympic Games in Sochi became actual and joyful event. Stavropol territory needs winter sports infrastructure, however, our attempts to construct serious object haven't given results. The place is already defined — the site of 2,5 hectares in city center with all necessary communications is allocated. Though, we haven't calculated its maintenance cost, but we will have money for it, nobody doubts.

Small Ice Arena — Vladikavkaz

Use on the Olympic Games: ice hockey.

Use after the Olympic Games: going in for winter sports. Seating capacity: 7 000 places.

Beginning of use: 2012.

Lazo Kesaev, the Deputy Minister of Sports of North Ossetia-Alania: «Ice Arena is the symbolic event for all republic»

— The Small Ice Arena, which it decided to be dismantled and transported to Vladikavkaz, can stay in Sochi for some time. There is an arrangement: if our city wins the right to spend winter Student's Games-2017, the arena will be transferred immideately after them.

Author: Sergey Semyonov, Konstantin Kukharenko