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A naughty sledge I have

¹ 11-12 (2011)
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Bobsleigh track is the unique Olympic object in Sochi, which initially stood out against general schedule of building. But, thanks to a firm political will of the high-ranking curators, now it can get to the Guinness Book of Records for the unprecedented short terms of putting into operation.

In the middle of June, 2011 the concreting of the track bobrun — one of key objects of XXII winter Olympic Games in Sochi, meant for 11 thousand spectators, began. Concreting is simultaneously made in several sectors with total extent of 500 meters, length of the first is 72 meters.

According to the chief of «Olympstroy» sector, Ayrat Gimaltdinov, technology of a bobrun construction is complicated, therefore it is carried out in some stages. «At the first stage, the main pipeline, where the coolant moves to the bobrun, will be laid into the basis of a ferroconcrete girder, — Gimaltdinov makes comments. — Then the guides are laid along the track, setting the bobrun form. Further, there are mounted pipelines-evaporators, which are laid inside concrete bobrun all along. Then, builders start reinforcing of the construction, moulding and concreting».

More slowly a priori

The bobsleigh track will be situated on the northern ridge of Aibga near Krasnaya Polyana. It will become the training base object for national teams. The destiny of this object is unique and dramatic. First, under the pressure of the ecologists supported by the international organizations, including the IOC, the Russian side was compelled to replace the track. Secondly, serious discussion concerning its safety, provoked by tragedy with Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, was developed, — he died in February, 2010 during training in Whistler preceding the opening of XXI winter Olympic Games. Experts have declared, that Whistler track was unwarrantably fast, therefore Sochi track should be less high-speed… Meanwhile, the owners of XXII winter Olympic Games have rejected these requirements.

«The track in Sochi will not be redesigned, — the main architect of» Olympstroy" Oleg Kharchenko declared in April, 2010. — our track is more slowly a priori". The Sochi track was designed as the first-ever track having three counter-inclinations. Their presence is explained by the parameters of the ground chosen. «Stroyprofi» building company designed bobsleigh track for XXII White Olympic Games. For minimization of risks its management employed foreign experts — the Canadian firm Integrated Sport Concept ltd and the Udo Gurgel's German design bureau, having experience of designing of the majority modern Olympic bobsleigh tracks, including Turin and Vancouver.

Perfect shape

OOO «NPO»Mostovik" from Omsk has won the right to carry out the spadework for building of bobsleigh track. «Olympstroy» has set a ceiling price for construction contract at 105,8 million roubles, «Mostovik» offered 90 million. «Economy of the public funds provided on building of object, has made 14,38%», — are glad in state corporation.

«This object is very important for us», — repeated time and again vice-premier Dmitry Kozak. «Could» — because bobsleigh track appeared to be the one Olympic object, planned to be put into operation in the beginning of 2011 — the middle of 2012, which stood out from the general schedule of building. During the session of the interdepartmental commission on preparation for the Olympic Games, which took place in March, 2010, Dmitry Kozak declared, that bobsleigh track would be handed over only by the end of 2012. However, in a month he named the other terms — March of 2012. We may only guess, what was the cost of «following the schedule», but it doesn't remain a trace from pessimism of the vice-premier. «In March, 2012 we will finish», — he announced. That is the way it goes. According to «Olympstroy», works on erection of a bobrun will be completely finished in October, 2011. In November the installation of cooling center equipment will come to the end. In the end of 2011 it is planned the ice freezing, and in February of 2012 the first test competitions on a new track will pass.

Having visited the track once again in July, Dmitry Kozak declared, that it is worthy the Guinness Books of Records. «Nowhere in the world have ever been constructed the bobsleigh track with the consideration of all conditions of quality standards in such short terms», — the vice-premier has emphasized.

But the main thing is that sportsmen are pleased. «Sochi track has perfect shape, I liked it very much», — the silver prize-winner of Turin and the bronze prize-winner of Vancouver in bobsleigh Alexey Voevoda admitted.

Author: Nikita Logvinov