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Non-olympic rates

11-12 (2011)
Viewed: 1993

The first workers of administration of Sochi, who passed a course «Tools of projects management on the basis of Project Management Institute standards», received certificates of the Russian International Olympic university (RIOU). Now in an arsenal of the Sochi officials — are knowledge, the skills necessary for project management in preparation of the Olympic Games. However, only 14 of 30 students got the certificates.

«We give the certificates not to those who listened, but to those who has really improved his administrative skills and corresponds to the standards of the graduate», — the general director Lev Belousov has explained. RIOU was founded in 2008. Its founders — Organizing committee «Sochi 2014», ROC and Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, the investor — «Interros» company. According to plans, the admission of the first listeners in the Olympic University should begin in February, 2013. Anyhow, Lev Belousov expects to keep to the terms under condition of an operative solution of a problem. «We will press on the terms of preparation of programs, we will start them and we will meet the deadline if there is no further delays for more than half a year,», — the rector has let us into his plan. The future campus he characterized as the «multipurpose complex, architecturally, substantially, financially and organizationally integrated».