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Extra ticket

¹ 11-12 (2011)
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In Russia began the sales of tickets for summer Games-2012 in London. «Sochi Center» will be opened in British capital. Cooperation of two Olympic cities becomes closer.

The question of tickets' price to London is solved in favor of consumers: according to the requirements of the IOC and Organizing committee «London-2012», in the British capital the maximum service charge for tickets is the same as in all countries of the world and doesn't exceed 20% from their nominal cost — maximum 40 pounds sterling, the sum is already included in cost.

The minimum cost of visiting of the London stadiums will make 1200 roubles. The average price of the ticket for the Games — 4400 roubles. But, the pleasure to get to such popular event as Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, according to the policy of organizers, can be priced at 100 thousand roubles for the ticket. One can book tickets by multichannel phone, and on special site http:// www. kassir-london2012 ru. The number of tickets one person can get is limited, and depends on kind and popularity of event. As acknowledgement of purchase of tickets nominal vouchers are given. They are necessary for exchanging for tickets in London from July, 15th till August, 12th, 2012 under condition of personal presence of the owner of the voucher and on passport presentation.

In the meantime the Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» has presented details of the cultural program during the summer Olympic Games-2012. In cooperation with municipality of Westminster, «Sochi Center» will be opened in the British capital. There, the residents of London and visitors of the Games will be able to get the idea of the capital of the winter Olympic Games-2014 and its sports objects, to get acquainted with culture and traditions of Sochi and Krasnodar territory, to see the ice shows and master classes from the Russian figure skaters.

«Sochi Center» will be situated in the center of London, near to the Marble arch, opposite to the well-known Hyde park. The pavilion will consist of two parts: showroom and ice skating rink.

Author: Danil Savelyev