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Sochi grows with the help of the Far East

¹ 11-12 (2011)
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Guys from student's team FESUMC «Dalnevostochnik» have finished their third labor semester with distinction, the rector of high school Boris Dynkin is glad. They have got the highest mark, working on the Olympic objects in Sochi.

— The Far Eastern State University of Means of Communication (FESUMC) is not only the oldest technical high school of Khabarovsk territory, but also one of the largest educational institutions of the Far East. Graduates of university design and create modern cars and equipment, operate transport process, are engaged in commercial activity and international transportation, develop the automated control and projection systems, build the railways and engineering constructions… Student's building teams in FESUMC appeared in 1966.

Team «Dalnevostochnik» took part in building of the Olympic Sochi objects for the first time in 2010 and was recognized by management company «Transyuzhstroy» the best team for all indicators.

In March, 2011 the admission to team «Dalnevostoch-nik-2011» was announced. 20 students were selected and their preparation for work as «electrician», «carpenter-concrete worker», «land surveyor» was organized. They worked on power objects of combined railway and highway Adler — mountainous resort Alpika-service. All tasks were fulfilled in terms, in the needed volume. Work of «Dalnevostochnik» team was appreciated as «perfect».

Students of building team FESUMC «Dalnevostochnik-2011» were notable not only for labor achievements. For students of all teams, the festival, devoted to the Railwayman Day, was organized. Student from our team, Lazar Maxim, was awarded the rank of the winner of the first deg ree of musical competition in a nomination «Vocal». Also, the team took part in sports contest of OOO «Transyuzhstroy», where students won the first place on football and the third place on volleyball, and were awarded by the Cup and certificates of honor.