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Investors, the field is yours!

2 (2008)
Viewed: 1912

Having their efforts united, the government and business declare about the construction of up-to-date stadiums and football fields in the regions. Such projects are especially numerous in the South.

Rich men’s problems

It may seem strange, but the lack of football infrastructure is mostly disputed in the economically developed regions of the SFD — the Rostov, the Stavropol and the Krasnodar regions.

«The leader» of honor is the Rostov region. «Rostov as the city with the population over one million residents suffers from the shortage of football fields. It is nonsense that such a populated city doesn’t have a covered football stadium», — confesses the club director Leonid Kovaliov. As a matter of fact «Rostov» is the most stable team in the South and one of the most stable regional clubs of Russia — it has been among the top players since 1992. In the Stavropol region professional football is going through a deep crisis: «Dinamo» of Stavropol that once played in the higher league of the USSR, has gone through liquidation because of financial problems. The club has recently got its professional status back but still doesn’t dream of some place in the premier league. The leader of football in Stavropol is the private club «Mashuk-KMV» from Pyatigorsk but it has not gained popularity in the regional capital yet. The Kuban has no reason to complain about the shortage of fields. «The football infrastructure of the region is the most developed in the south: along with the training centers in Sochi, Poltavskaya, and Chetuk, it has some quality fields in Dagomys, Lazorevskaya, Adler, Anapa and some other places», — enumerated the «Rotor» sport director Alexander Nikitin from Volgograd.

In the republics of the Northern Caucasus financing football clubs is more vital than the main construction. Only «Spartak» of Nalchik has some kind of safe back-up, which is holding «Sindika» that belongs to the President of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Arsen Kanokov.

Gifts of Abramovich

In 2006–2008 the main football field supplier was the fund «The National Football Academy» (NFA) founded by Roman Abramovich. NFA buys artificial cover of European production for $500,000–500,000. To cooperate with NFA a region has to prepare a raft for covering (so called «zero» cycle) worth about 10 mln rubles. The fields presented by the fund are granted to the local youth sports schools and the sports schools of the Olympic reserve. By the present time these grounds have been prepared for the Krasnodar region (Krasnodar, Sochi, Tuapse and Novorossiysk), the Rostov region (Rostov and Azov), the Stavropol region (Stavropol and Pyatigorsk), Northern Osetiya (Vladikavkaz), the KBR (Nalchik), Dagestan (Makhachkala), Adygeya (Maikop), the Volgograd region (Volgograd). Constructing of new stadiums and football fields in southern regions is not carried out on permanent basis. Fields appear, in fact, as a result of uniting efforts of municipal enthusiastic heads and socially active businessmen.

For example, the head of the Krasnoyarsk district in the Astrakhan region found the sponsors and built the stadium on 1,500 seats. The situation in the Krasnodar region is different: favorable climate promotes some volunteer investments of the private companies as well as the state donations. They have learnt to make the football fields profitable. In 2006 the sanatorium «Sputnik» in Sochi put into operation the center for combined team training. It included 6 fields. The project was financed by the private investor and the Russian Football Union.

After school

The process of the football players’ upbringing demands availability of the infrastructure and qualified training staff. This year «Rostov» has performed brilliantly, it has guaranteed its participation in the competitions of the premier league having five tours ahead before the end of the championship. But the General Director Deputy Rustem Alikov is upset because of the absence of the players from the Don land in the team. They do not appear in the premier league clubs as a result of ineffective cooperation between football divisions. The former management personnel of Krasnodar «Kuban» paid special attention to creation of cooperating system involving the football teams of all levels and supported the clubs of the lower divisions. The new owners, the Ukrainian mining and smelting holding «The Donbass Industrial Union», officially declared its prior orientation on the native residents. In «Alaniya» about fifteen players are the graduators of two football youth sports schools of Northern Osetiya. Besides, some 60 people from Osetiya play for other Russian clubs of two higher divisions. Stavropol also works for the Russian football though there are no clubs in the region yet. The graduators of Stavropol Olympic Reserve College play in the teams of the premier league.

Growing plans

Almost all the regions have large-scaled plans for further development of their infrastructure. In the recent past the state and commercial companies built some separate fields. Now they are expected to construct modern stadiums investing some billions rubles in each of them. Perhaps these initiatives were stimulated by the resolution of the Russian government to have over 19 billion rubles and the authorities of Kuban have come to a preliminary agreement concerning the construction of the stadium for the Russian combined team on 30 thousand seats in Krasnodar. It will cost at least 100 million euros. And «The Donbass Industrial Union» in its turn has plans to build a new stadium and a training center for «Kuban». Each of them costs about 2,5–3 billion rubles. The President of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Arsen Kanokov intends to spent for financing the development of football. «We wrote a letter to Vitaly Mutko (the Minister of sport) containing the suggestion to build a stadium on 35 thousand seats on the left bank of the river Don. The plot is stated, the region is ready to take over 30% of all the expenses which are estimated at about 2,5–3 billion rubles», — informs the Minister of sport of the Rostov region Sergei Gorbunkov.

The Russian Football Union build a training center for the club. It will have tree fields and a boarding school for 150–200 people.

As for Stavropol, they are planning to build a football academy that would house some fields and halls. And the president of the Volgograd «Rotor» Soccer Club Vladimir Gorjunov claimed, that he had found foreign investors for the construction of a new water stadium with waterpark and hotel complex. It will all cost USD 500–700 mln.

Roman Abramovich football fields for the South of Russia

Krasnodar region4
Rostov region2
Stavropol region2
Northern Osetiya2
Volgograd region1

The largest football projects of the SFD

RegionObjectCost, million dollarsSource of financing
RegionObjectCost, million dollarsSource of financing
Rostov-on-DonStadium on 35,000 seats100–120RFU and the regional budget
KrasnodarStadium on 30,000 seats140RFU and the regional budget
KrasnodarA stadium and a training center100–120The Donbass Industrial Union


A stadium with aqua park and hotel500–700Foreign investors

A training center and a boarding school
for 150–200 people
UnknownThe President of the
Arsen Kanokov
StavropolFootball academyIn the process of calculatingHas not been settled yet