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The Organizing committee warns

¹ 11-12 (2011)
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XXII Winter Games will become the twelfth Games free from a tobacco smoke. More than 155 thousand sportsmen, representatives of sports delegations and volunteers which will perform, live and work in Sochi in February, 2014 will be able to feel it for 17 days. It was declared at the meeting, which took place in the Olympic capital with participation of officials of the city and regional administrations, Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» and World Health Organization (WHO).

The Games were declared free from a tobacco smoke since the Olympic Games in Calgary in 1988.

In days of the Olympic Games-2008 in Beijing smoking was forbidden at restaurants and the hotels located in the Olympic area, and also in a taxi. Organizers payed the great attention to social advertizing about the harm of passive smoking: it was placed at bus stops, in the underground and airports. As the president of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» Dmitry Chernyshenko has told, during XXII Winter Games smoking will be forbidden in the territory of all Olympic and Paralympic objects, except for specially marked areas. These places will be arranged and equipped to exclude completely inconvenience for non-smoking visitors and participants of competitions. It will be forbidden to smoke in bars and restaurants located in the Olympic park.