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One step to Olympus

¹ 11-12 (2011)
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10 horse-breeding centers, more than 25 agricultural enterprises, farms and private businessmen are engaged in nurturing of race and sports high-class horses in Kuban. The authorities of the region supported owners of stud farms and the Krasnodar hippodrome for many years. 20 million roubles are allocated for horse tests this year.

The Krasnodar hippodrome is one of the oldest in Russia, its history has begun since 1868. Now, it is one of the five largest hippodromes in the country, and, according to the results of work for last year, it is recognized the best in Russia for number of the English thoroughbred tested horses. Tests of horses enter a new stage of development, competition for the Cup of the governor of Krasnodar territory, the Big Krasnodar prize «Derby'; the Big prize»OKS" gathered the best horsemen from all Russia and abroad.

There are socially-trade objects in the territory of the Krasnodar hippodrome: the regional sports school of classical sports, Cavalry, the Kuban Cossack army. Now, at the initiative of the governor of the region Alexander Tkachev, the possibility of realization of the project «Krasnodar hippodrome» within the framework of the private-state partnership on the terms of the concession agreement is considered. It will allow administration of Kuban to participate more actively in development of the Kuban horse breeding ground — the Krasnodar hippodrome and will become the guarantee of reliable mutually advantageous cooperation from the part of investors.

«Unfortunately, Russia has lost superiority in equestrian sport for the last years, — says the general director of a hippodrome Igor Vasilyev. — Preparation of sportsmen and horses for competitions of the Olympic level in classical sports — show jumping, taking the barrier, dressage, horse riding — takes many years, demands high professional level of the trainers, talented young sportsmen, financially supported material resources. In Europe the horse market is the huge industry working on well-coordinated system from preparation of forage to horse breeding. And in Russia there is no the horse industry market. We hope very much that the realization of actions within the limits of the future concession agreement will help to restore the Cossack traditions of Kuban and to grow up the Olympic champions».

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